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Simple Trick To Increase Your Android Internal Space

Hello, guys, I will be walking you through this excellent tutorial on how to increase your internal space, it amazes me when I see people who don’t believe almost everything is possible. Trust me, the world is producing geniuses every day, and day by day new things are coming up


In one means or the other, if you are a diehard fan of Android phones, I do believe that most of you are now tired of getting messages like “You do not have enough space”. It is so embarrassing especially when you are trying to get something crucial, then you are left with no other choice than to delete some files. You might have come across a lot of “How to Increase Your Android Internal Space” articles and perhaps it might not have worked for you.

Trust me if you carefully follow this article, I can tell you that you will drop some testimonies in the comment section. Some without wasting much of your time, let’s begin.

This are the things you need.

==>You need a rooted Android Device

==>You need a file explorer with root privileges. If you don’t have ES file explorer, you can download it from Google PlayStore. Bam!! That’s all you need. If you’ve gotten all of these things, then let’s go to the other steps.

==>Now open your ES file explorer then click on Root Folder>>Click on data>>>log_other_mode

==> Then Open the folder and click on Delete all to delete the entire file inside it.



==>After that, switch off your phone for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes, switch it on and check your internal storage. That all, you should now see that it has enlarged.

I guess you are now feeling the trick, yeah it works like never before WINK  Please Note that it works on all Android phone and the questions we get is, will it affect my Phone?, hell No, it won’t.

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