Simple Ways To Connect OnePlus 6 To TV

Connect OnePlus 6 to TV
Connect OnePlus 6 to TV

There are simple ways to connect OnePlus 6 To Tv and we will be talking about then here in this guide.

Connect OnePlus 6 to Tv

OnePlus 6 is the latest flagship from the phone maker OnePlus. The OnePlus 6 is packing a 6.28inch screen display with 19:9 aspect which translates to a notch and a more bigger screen size compared to its predecessor; the OnePlus 5T. OnePlus 5T had a 6.01inch screen display with an 18:9 aspect ratio just on the off-chance that you didn’t know that.

Even with the bigger screen on the OnePlus 6 device, some users still want a bigger display. Unfortunately, the OnePlus 6 is all stretched out with the 19:9 being the largest it can reach. Except for the phone as a whole gets bigger which isn’t idle as the 6.01inch screen is already somewhat big enough for even people with huge hands.

With that said, the only other option to go bigger would be to connect your OnePlus 6 device to a TV, Monitor or a Projector. Hooking up your OnePlus 6 device to any of this aforementioned device with giving the much needed bigger screen to do numerous stuff like watch Movies on a big screen, Play PUBG Mobile on a big screen and so much more.

However, we will just be focusing on how you connect OnePlus to TV in this article as the TV is the most easily accessible big screen you can find in almost any house.

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Simple Ways To Connect OnePlus 6 To TV

There are basically two ways you can you can use to connect your OnePlus 6 device to a TV to enjoy a much bigger screen/display.

How To Connect OnePlus 6 To TV using Chromecast

Chromecast is a very popular video streaming device which was created by Google. The video streaming device can be used to wirelessly connect your OnePlus 6 Smartphone or any other Android or iOS Smartphone to TV. You can get the Chromecast device for about $30(N10000) from various online and offline shopping stores.

Once you have the device, Simply Plug the Chromecast to your TV USB Port and also plug it into a power source using an adapter. Once it is up and running then you can Setup the Chromecast and you’re good to go. Now you can mirror your OnePlus 6 screen to your TV.

How To Connect OnePlus 6 To TV using MiraCast

MiraCast is another way you can use to connect your OnePlus 6 device to your TV wirelessly without hassle. MiraCast is basically HDMI over Wifi. So instead of using a wired HDMI cable, you can simply use MiraCast as a wireless alternative. Since a USB-C to HDMI Cable won’t work on the OnePlus 6, I Guess MiraCast is the way to go?

However, not all the TVs out there come with this MiraCast feature, only the newer ones from brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc. So you’ll have to check if your TV supports MiraCast. If it does then you are good to go.

  • Simply Locate and Turn on the MiraCast Feature on your TV. (Check TV Manual for assistance how to go about this)
  • Now Pull down the Notification/Status bar on your OnePlus 6 and Select Cast.
  • Click on More Options and Select Enable Wireless Display.
  • This will prompt your phone to search for any available device.
  • If your TV MiraCast feature is turned on, it will detect it.
  • Select your TV when it does and that’s it.

You can now mirror your OnePlus 6 screen to your TV.

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Those are basically the two known ways to connect OnePlus 6 to TV. If you’ve got any other method you use to connect your OnePlus 6 smartphone to TV asides from the one listed above, do let us know in the comment section down below.

If you’ve also got questions about the methods listed above, also let us know using the comment section below.


  1. Is Oneplus 6 does not support screen casting to 4K monitor using HDMI to Type C cable? I have tried it was not working, is any other way to connect to my monitor?

  2. though one plus 6 is connected to MiTV, while playing it Netflix, the video is not visible on the tv screen. only audio is coming. whats the solution?


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