Best Sites To Create Free Funny Photo Montages online in 2022

Here are the best sites to create funny photo montages online to use your face in funny scenarios or posters, and much more.

How many times on social media have you appeared to see an image with your friend’s face and the body of a famous person? Today making funny free photo montages is very simple. Just choose one of the many sites that allow you to upload your photo and select the type of effect to apply to create a realistic image.

Basically, you don’t need to be an expert in photo montage with Photoshop or Gimp, but you simply need to know how to apply those automatic tools that will allow you to customize the result of your photo shoots.

Free Photo Montage sites

Below are the best sites to create funny photo montages online with a wide selection of categories, backgrounds, scenarios, posters, and much more.

1. PhotoFunny


PhotoFunny is on the Internet site with a rich selection of free online photo montages where you can also insert your face or that of your friends on a sculptural body, that of a beautiful model, or even on posters, billboards, and so on. The internal editor allows you to customize the chosen photo montage, offering an image optimization mode with suggestions on making photo montages.

2. FaceinHole

face in hole

FaceinHole is one of the best photo montage programs online. You can create funny photo montages by inserting your face in different scenarios by uploading a photo of yourself on the platform. The service allows funny photo editing and offers several images to choose from. The photo montage of the photo is done in a simple and professional way. The editor includes controls that help you turn the photo, adjust the skin color, and much more.

3. Funny Photo

funny pho to

Funny Photo is another very interesting photo montage portal for photos through which you can create photo montages of various types, both realistic and customizable. The images obtained can be downloaded to a PC. In addition to inserting your face, you can also take advantage of the over 600 options to choose from to embellish your shots.

4. Imagechef


Imagechef is a website known for the possibility of creating photo montages with customized texts to be inserted in different scenarios. Not only that, but it also offers various options for placing your photos within other images.

5. Pixiz

pixiz online photos

Pixiz is a portal for the generation of high definition and various types of photo montages. In addition to organizing photo montages by type, it offers various options to apply effects and write on the photos obtained. The images used can be loaded from the PC, or you can take a picture using the webcam.

6. Fotojet


Fotojet offers a real suite for creating images with special tools to create even quality collages. It also allows you to generate three-dimensional scenarios, posters, virtual postcards, and much more.

7. Photo505

photo 505

Photo505 does not have a wide variety of photo montages but still a good quality of content offered. It allows you to create hilarious photo montages by placing your face on cute characters and scenarios. It is available in Italian and is easy to use.

8. Loona Pix


Loona Pix creates photo montages by inserting your face into photo frames, scenarios, and special images. It also offers the possibility to edit photos through an integrated tool and then crop them.