Sky remote control does not work: ways to solve the problem


Sky is one of the main world companies concerning the transmission of channels via satellite, and also in Italy the service offered is very interesting and in constant development for many years now; the tools needed to receive satellite channels are the decoder, the remote control and the antenna for receiving these channels; However, it happens that there may be various problems relating to the instrumentation, such as a problem that afflicts many users or the Sky remote control does not work.

In this article, we will see what are the main problems affecting the Sky remote control and how it is possible to solve these small unexpected events that can be very annoying for a user who decides to take advantage of this paid service.


Sky offers a wide range of offers for users based on the service and channels they want to view, depending on the tastes of the customer, and based on the selected package there are different Sky decoders / remote controls used.

Unfortunately, the problems of the Sky remote control afflict all the decoder / remote control combinations that are on sale, and now let’s see which ones are offered by PayTV:

  • Skybox SD remote control, the basic version.
  • Skybox HD remote control, with an almost completely transparent TV and SKY button that have an LED underneath and that can be used for both HD and SD decoders, is obviously programmed in advance.
  • MySky SD remote control, which is completely gray and is compatible with Skybox SD, HD, MySky SD, and HD.
  • MySky HD remote control, with all black remote control and manages both MySky SD and HD.

The problem of the Sky remote control not working has been complained by a large number of users all over the web, where the problem common to all is that at some point the device no longer works to change channels, increase or decrease the volume, and where the only functional keys are those with the writing “SKY” or “Tv”, while everything else is not working.


After careful research, this Sky remote control fault can be solved in several ways, and it seems that the cause is due to the fact that when the remote control/decoder is manufactured, two elements that are not the same are placed inside the same box. series, and consequently there are problems of this kind.

Let’s see how to definitively solve all the problems of the Sky remote control with all the decoders that have this fault, with some small and simple procedures that we are going to list, so that you will no longer have problems programming the Sky remote control given these simple steps.

Configure sky remote control

  1. The first method to configure Sky remote control with TV consists in applying insulating adhesive tape on the decoder, right next to the area where there are the three lights for network, mail, and remote control and where there is a kind of circle; 
    hiding this mark with electrical tape now the Sky remote works perfectly.
  2. The other method consists in reprogramming the remote control (and has only been tested on the Skybox HD remote control); to reprogram the remote control just:
    1. Press the TV button.
    2. Simultaneously press the OK button together with the “ i “ button.
    3. At this point there will be a double flash of the TV button.
    4. Enter the decoder code (found below).
    5. Press the OK button to confirm and there will be two more flashes of the TV button.

    6. Press the SKY button.

Sky remote control codes

To learn how to program Sky Remote Control we know that there is not a single Sky remote code to be able to reset it, that’s why we will make a shortlist that could help you in this case.

0/1 = Sky SD

1/2 = Sky HD

1 = My Sky SD

2 = My Sky HD

3 = MySky / My Sky HD

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This is what, we know that everything may seem slightly trivial, but nevertheless many users complain about this problem that we have just faced and we are sure that this particular article will be of great help, especially for those who have never tried to configure Sky remote control and therefore wants a practical guide to use.


Apparently, Sky has made some clarifications available on its official website, which will allow you to replace the non-working Sky remote control.

In fact, in the event that the Sky remote control programming does not work, we can use another card, in fact, it will be enough to contact customer assistance, directly from the official website, it will be possible to talk to the staff, thanks to the email or the simple chat, explain the problem and in the event that it cannot be resolved, we could replace it at the Sky Center closest to our home.

Or try calling one of the many sky toll-free numbers to actually know how to replace our Sky remote control in case our guide for “sky remote control program” is not successful.


We leave you a small list dedicated to Sky toll-free numbers:

In order to speak to an autoresponder, you will need to use this number: 800980980

In case you want to speak to an operator, unfortunately, the number to call is subject to a fee and it will be this: 199100400

Certainly, a really interesting novelty, which could be useful to many of you.

Currently, these are the working solutions that will allow us to carry out a perfect Sky remote control configuration thanks to the Sky codes to remedy the problem of the non-working Sky remote control; sometimes it could also be a problem dedicated to the decoder, we will see if there is a practical and functional way to 

reset the Sky decoder if it is possible you will find the guide on our pages. For any eventuality, we at Tecnoyouth are always at your disposal and you can contact us by writing a comment under this article. Good job!