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Skyscanner Air Travel Booking App Review

We live in the jet age where everything has to be carried out fast and without hassles, and the ease with which these are done has permeated all our activities. One can now book flights from the comfort of their homes, and evn though there are already a lot of apps for booking flights, the Skyscanner App is quite unique and in a class of its own. is a site for booking flights and in the past, most of the company’s activities were web-based, but now it has an app both for Android and IOS users. Skyscanner is also called the “flight search engine”, it is exactly what it says it is. Not only can you book your flights with it; if your flight date is flexible it can compare all the available flights to your destination and give you the cheapest flights available. It also finds the cheapest car hire services and cheapest hotels available, if you deem fit. All these information can be made available with just the click of a button.

Skyscanner is available for download from the Google Play store for Android devices, and the iOS version is available on the Apple Store. The app with a download of over 10million is very popular, and used widely all around the world.

Skyscanner App – How to use it

To get started first go to playstore, search for the app and then download it, with a size of 46.31MB it may take a while to download it if your connection is slow, and the app doesn’t demand any special permissions from your device.

Skyscanner App Review  - Welcome Page

After download, the first page it opens is a prompting for your name and email address. When you have entered this a link is sent to your email for confirmation, and when you’ve confirmed your email, you are good to go.

Then when your launch the app this time, you are requested for your details, you can either log in using your social media handle or your email. On the first page you have two options, first is the explore top deals option, this option is used to search the cheapest flight flying from your city to anywhere in the world, it is kind off like a search option, for all available flights to your destination. It also shows the best deals for up to three months in advance, so you can actually plan your itinery.

The other option is the “quick search” option; this option is further divided into three, viz Flights, Hotels and Car Hire. When you enter the flight options you are prompted for the city you are fly from and to and the particular date or dates, then a range of prices will be shown to you, the airlines that offer such prices and the departure time for the flights.

Then you’ll be required to fill the number of passengers going and some minor details. Finally when you have chosen a particular flight, you will see other details of the flight and you’ll be directed to the travel agent or the carrier site for payments and booking proper.

You can also get hotels with Skyscanner, at the touch of the hotel option you get the available hotels, the accommodations available on your arrival date, and the price, and the distance from the airport.  Same goes for car hire, also.

Before touching the flight option, you should change the currency and country to that of where you are, so that you’ll not have problems with currency conversions and all of that, there is an option for this at the top left hang corner.

You can save time and money with Skyscanner as they help you “scan” for the best deals available and also alert you for price changes, all these from the comfort of your home. The app is very easy to use and also hassle free, it also works very fast even with slow connections. And of course it’s all for free.

You can equally download the Skyscanner app for various mobile devices from the links below :



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