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Smart TVs VS Projectors – which is the best choice?

Smart TVs VS Projectors – which is the best choice? Making certain decisions can be tough especially when it involves comfort or luxury. TVs are getting smart these days with the help of advanced technology. And at the same time projectors are also developing at an alarming rate. So the big question is which of these two would you install in your media room, house cinema or living room? Or anywhere else you need either one of them?

Of course, just like every other product out there, they both have the pros and cons. This is why this article has been put together to help you as you decide on which one to go for. We’ll be comparing the Smart TVs and projectors in key areas and see which one betters the other.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Screen Size

Smart TVs VS Projectors
4K Smart Laser TV
Smart TVs VS Projectors
Home Theater Video Projector Set-up

In terms of screen size, the projectors are the obvious winner. Though, most TVs are getting bigger by the day but are very expensive. These days an 85-inch TV will probably cost above $4,500. Whereas, you can get a projector screen of about 100-inch or more for a far lesser price.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Brightness

Brightness matters a lot when it comes to watching movies, shows and so on. Ever wonder why cinema room is always so dark when watching a movie? That’s because most projectors need a dim room to fully produce a bright picture quality. Whereas, TVs generally features more brightness irrespective of how dim the room is. Most modern LED TVs puts out plenty of brightness.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Contrast

Just like brightness, TVs offers better contrast than projectors. Contrast and brightness work in hand with each other to give you that perfect picture quality. So the projectors will still need a dim room for the contrast to truly manifest. While TVs can still perform well in a lightened room.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Resolution

The resolution has evolved these past few years. The 4K resolution is the passion these days and both projectors and TVs can handle it perfectly. Since they both feature 4K resolution, we’ve to consider their price per resolution. Most 4K HDR projectors cost over $3,500. While you can get 4K HDR TVs at a cheaper price.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Installation

Smart TVs are far easier to install than projectors. Large TVs despite being fragile to handle can easily be installed. They come with a manual guide for smooth installation. And you only need to the follow the guide to set everything up. Whereas projectors can be complicating to install and you’ll need the assistance of an expert.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Sound Quality

TVs easily wins in this department mainly because almost every TVs features in-built speakers. And most of the speakers are actually of good quality. While only a few projectors come with in-built speakers. The speakers on projectors are always crappy and the volume is so low that you could barely hear anything.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Maintenance

Most TVs tend to last over ten years before you’ve to worry about maintenance or even getting a new one. Where, projectors don’t usually last that long. The lamps burn out eventually and you also have to worry about dust or something getting inside the projector.

Smart TVs VS Projectors – Conclusion

It all boils down to your preference but as you can see from our comparison the TVs has a far greater advantage. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the projector is a bad choice. For that cinema vibe, the projectors will be the best choice. You just need to setup the room; block any external light interference, create a wall-sized screen, good furniture and well-plugged sound system.

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