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Some iPhone 12 users complain about 4G LTE and 5G signal loss

The reports on social media began when Apple began introducing the new iPhone 12 in October and have increased with the growing spread of the latest generation of Apple terminals- according to complaints, some iPhone 12 users detect the loss of network signal mobile phone, this both when they are under 4G LTE coverage and with 5G networks where present.

At the time of writing, no particular hardware problems arise, and the problem is not associated with specific networks or operators. iPhone 12 users complaining of cell phone signal loss post messages from different countries to social media. Signal loss is indicated both when users are on the move, but also when they are stationary in areas where coverage is detected with other devices. In all cases, the sudden appearance of the “No service” message is detected in areas served and regardless of the version of iOS installed.

Iphone 12
Iphone 12

Users who have contacted Apple’s support service report that their iPhone 12 subject to cellular signal loss has successfully passed all of Apple’s hardware tests. Other iPhone 12 users affected by the same problem have contacted the assistance service of their mobile phone operator- from the conversations, it emerges that the problem could lie in the management system of the passage of the terminal from one tower to another.

Ultimately, all the clues point to a software problem that Apple could solve in an upcoming update. Messages related to this issue are posted on Apple’s discussion and support forum and also on Reddit.

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