Sony Announces Three X-Series Wireless Speakers


Those who love to party will love the new wireless speakers that Sony has just announced. The new X-Series speakers are expected to launch in the middle of the year.

Each of the X-Series is designed to be useful in a number of ways. They come as SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, and SRS-XG500. They all feature Sony’s X-Balanced speaker units that are meant to provide clear and rich sound with less distortion.

According to Sony, the SRS-XP700 will be the best for parties. That one has three front high-efficiency tweeters, while there is another one at the rear. Together, these deliver omnidirectional sound with deep bass and high clarity.

The two others feature two front high-efficiency tweeters, with the XG500 model also built with passive radiators designed to deliver a clear bass sound.

As the time for the launching of these three speakers draws near, prospective buyers are getting used to the features available on each of them. More importantly, Sony announced the pricing for each of them. The XP700 will cost £449, while the XP500 will cost £319, and the XG500 will cost £379.

Sony Xp700
Sony Xp700

The main powerful feature of the speakers is the battery life. It lasts longer than most people would expect. For example, the XG500 battery will last up to 30 hours even when the Mega Bass feature is activated.

Each of them also allows pairing with laptops or smartphones through Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a Party Connect feature that may appeal to some users. That feature will sync the devices’ lighting to the music being played.

Both the XP700 and the XP500 can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and there is a sensor for the XP700 that optimizes the sound based on which position the speaker takes. They are all portable speakers giving out excellent sounds but they still have to prove their worth and buyers will compare them to already available wireless speakers such as the Sonos Roam.


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