Sony Motion Sonic – Motion-Sensing Music Effects Controller

Motion Sonic
Motion Sonic

Motion Sonic is something that Sony has been working on for a long time. This technology allows music people to track their own movements as they play music. Whether you’re a guitarist or just someone moving to the tune of the song, Motion Sonic allows you to see that your movement remains in sync with the melody going on.

Overview of Motion Sonic

Small, like the size of Fitbit, the Motion Sonic has a small capsule that fits into space on a band that people can wear on their wrist. If the purpose is to play piano, it can be worn at the back of a hand.

Sony claims that when the user connects the gadget to Bluetooth, it can help change the sound of the instrumentals because it helps the performer to do better.

When connected to musical instruments, the device can be made to delay or pause when the user moves his or her fingers side to side, or to change pitch as the person turns his or her wrist. Sony made the gadget to be compatible with iOS for now. Hopefully, it may reach out to Google Play Store sometime in 2022 or beyond that.

When using this device, the objective of the user should be to express sound by using the body. It is made to work with different musical instruments. Just connect and enjoy the gadget and the music as one.

Motion Sonic On A Piano
Motion Sonic On A Piano

Features of Motion Sonic

  1. There is the illumination led. It helps the user to enhance the performance with his or her favorite color
  2. There is a 6-axis sensor enabled for catching subtle movements
  3. It is designed to fit the hand and when in use, it doesn’t interfere with the user’s performance
  4. It gives the ability for more motions. The user can wave, move hands up and down, roll hands or lift up hands. When moving the arm up and down, sound delays will be in sync with that action

Make Sound a Part of Your Body

Sony Motion Sonic allows the musician to see his or her body as part of the music. For best practices, the user needs to let the body and emotions flow in rhythm to the music. With this new gadget, musical performance becomes more instinctive, expressive, and creative.

Motion Sonic On A Guitarist
Motion Sonic On A Guitarist


The product is listing on Indiegogo and Sony claims that the starting price is $219.

What You Get When You Buy Sony Motion Sonic

The buyer gets a core device of Sony Motion Sonic. Next, a band for the back of the hand, another band for the wrist, and a USB charging cable. Before it can be used, the buyer has to download the Motion Sonic iOS app. It works for iOS 13 or later. Take note- Android users or users of other devices can’t make use of Motion Sonic. iPhones, iPad, and other Apple gadgets that run iOS.

How to Enjoy

To make use of the Motion Sonic gadget, you can connect it to your favorite instrument. Then connect the mobile phone with the instrument via the audio interface. The mobile app will pair with Bluetooth and that can alter the sound of the instrument in response to your motions. The audio interface doesn’t come with the device, so make use of the iOS-compatible audio interface.


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