Sort App Store Reviews on Your iPhone in iOS 11.3

sort app store reviews your iphone ios 11 3.1280x600
sort app store reviews your iphone ios 11 3.1280x600

With the release of iOS 11.3 beta and the new features, it comes with, iOS users have a whole lot of both sift through and look forward to. The features that come with iOS 11.3 beta includes increased battery health information and control, Messages on iCloud and new Animoji on iPhone X. One smaller change that also comes with the update is a new way to sort App Store reviews.

Did you know before the version 11.3 of iOS you couldn’t sort App Store reviews on iOS? Bizzare, but true (we had to double-check ourselves). This feature is a simple yet intuitive one which you would think Apple would have added to the operating system since the inception of the App Store. Well, better late than never.

First, if you haven’t installed iOS 11.3 beta on your iOS device, make sure you do. While this latest version of iOS is only in beta at the moment, developers and public testers alike can try it out for themselves right now. You need the iOS version to be able to sort App Store reviews.

How to Sort App Store Reviews on Your iPhone in iOS 11.3

Step #1 – Open Up the Reviews for an App or Game

Once you have installed iOS 11.3 on your iPhone, go to the App Store. Tap on any app or game you want and then either tap on the stars which appear right below the app’s icon or scroll down the screen till you get to the Ratings & Reviews section. Once you are there, tap on “See All” to open up all of the user reviews.

Step #2 – Sort Reviews in 4 Different Ways

Now, you will see the different sorting options above the first review listed. By default, Apple sorts the app’s reviews by “Most Helpful,” which is based on the feedback each review gets. However, there are other options you can choose from.

Tap on “Sort by Most Helpful” to open the list of different sorting options available.

From the list, you can select from “Most Favourable,” which sorts comments based on users who like the app best; “Most Critical,” which sorts comments based on users who disliked the app most; and “Most Recent,” which sorts comments based on the time they were posted with the newest at the top.

Unfortunately, when you make these choices, they are not saved and immediately you leave the app’s page, all the app reviews will be sorted by “most Helpful,” the default option. However, this feature can only be used in the App Store. The iTunes Store or iBooks Store do not have this feature yet.



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