South Korea Thinks Of Switching From Windows To Linux Platform


Recently, we heard the news of the Indian state of Kerala that is going to use Linux platform instead of Windows for teaching purposes in its schools. And this switch is expected to save a considerable amount of about 430 million dollars.

Now, one of the Herald or an official messenger of South Korea has said that the government of South Korea is planning to switch from Windows OS to Linux platform. The government has also started the work related to this switch.

The government is currently using Windows 7 on its machines. But the governments want to change this after seeing the future that this popular OS’s free technical support by Microsoft will come to an end in 2022.

For your knowledge, Windows 7 was launched in 2009, and Microsoft stopped giving away any technical, security, fixes, etc. updates from 2015.

The ministry of Interior and Saftey has clearly said that this change will take place immediately; the government is going to first run all types of tests on the Linux based OS to thoroughly check for its compatibility with the existing software or application made for windows platform. And if the tests are successful, then the execution of the change from Windows to Linux platform will take place with immediate effect across the entire system.


The government has opted for Linux instead of Windows 10 to save a significant amount of money Windows is a paid OS whereas Linux is a free, open-source operating system. It would cost around 780 billion won or 655 million dollars for switching to Linus platform and buying new PCs.

Another reason for this change is that the Linux platform has lesser security risks compared to Windows. This is the main factor that most of the enterprise networks around the world uses Linux based OS to run their machines.