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CES 2023 – Does Spartan underwear protect men from the radiation of smartphones?

Over the years it has been written about the possible health hazards of cell phone radiation. What’s more, there have been many products that promise protection against the radio frequency (RF) signals that our wireless devices emit. They have traveled from the useless golden radiation “shields” to Pong’s most respectable telephone line, which promises to refocus the RF energy away from your head. However, the French-American company Spartan goes beyond what we might think.

Spartan promises some underpants that will save your sperm

At CES 2018, a company called Spartan took that promise of protection and took it to another unimaginable stratum with a line of men’s underwear. The Spartan briefs claim that they block 99% of the radiation coming from smartphones and the Wi-Fi signal with pure silver fibers woven into the cotton fabric. As the brand says, these boxers will become a “Faraday cage” for their private parts.

Although you may be imagining a foil hat in the form of underwear; Spartan says his antibacterial underpants are designed in Paris and have a comfortable fit in designs of various colors. And do not worry about those silver fabrics that buzz in an airport metal detector. The company says that will not happen.

Can this type of radiation really affect male reproduction?

That Spartan focuses on protecting your little friends is significant. Although brain cancer tends to dominate the debate over whether wireless signals are safe or not, other studies have suggested that smartphones diminish male fertility. Some health advocates who have been involved in the debate for a long time, and even some government agencies, recommend that men do not carry their phones in their pants pocket to reduce radiation exposure in the lower regions.

The Spartan product will protect you in those periods when there is no other option, so there is no other option, and you should carry them in your pockets. If you ask the price, you only have to pay $ 50 or € 42 per unit to be able to have complete peace of mind that your fertility will be in good hands.

Yes, we want to make clear that there is no scientific consensus so far on whether wireless radiation is dangerous and we may never know for sure. If you’re worried about the potential danger, most typical recommendations, like using headphones, sending text messages instead of making a call and not sleeping with your phone, do not cost a dime. Spartan underpants cost more than some of them, but if you worry more than an average man, this could be a good investment.

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