Stark VPN Cheat For MTN Free Browsing November 2022

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Tech Guide

Are you looking for the least Stark VPN config files with MTN to enjoy the free browsing cheat in 2022? If yes, you are on the track.

What Is Stark VPN?

Stark VPN is a Virtual Private Network app that routes our connection to another region so as to keep our online activities and other use away from prying eyes such as our ISP. As you all know, the aim of this post is to get free unlimited internet access without having to spend a dime.

This config file for MTN has been updated for 2019

MTN 2in1 config file is best since the ending of last year, it gives you the opportunity to either tweak and use MPulse data cheat and 0.00k cheat.

For those of you visiting this blog for the first time, I will briefly lecture you on these new MTN Config files for free browsing Cheats on Stark VPN, which are rocking now in this Country.

For fast reader scroll down to see the latest  Stark VPN configuration file for MTN 0.0kb

It is one of the fastest VPN apps, it has a slick interface that makes it lightweight and saves battery by minimizing the power consumption on your smartphone.

This VPN  app bypasses network restrictions allowing you to have access to all web pages, it can hide your IP, or either changes your internet location and also make you anonymous on the web.


  • A Smartphone (android).
  • Prepaid MTN SIM.
  • Strong MTN Network coverage.
  • Stark VPN cheat app. (Download link below)
  • Stark VPN Config. File. (Download link below)

Stark VPN config file for MTN 2019

For free browsing trick with Zero Naira is just too cool. But I am sure you don’t wanna miss it right, this is a surprising aspect of this is that if you don’t have credit and data on your phone. As long you are connected on VPN your data won’t be deducted. Don’t forget to check Cheapest MTN Data Plans For PC, Tablets, And Phones.

If you are on (0803 old line) you have access to unlimited browsing, but if yours is the new sim card which is capped at 1GIG daily, Isn’t that cool?

There are more features of the VPN app which you can read at Google Play Store, let’s go straight to business on how to configure and setup this cheat.

I will provide you a configuration file for it which you will download in the below link and well-detailed method of importing the svc file with the Stark VPN Android app and download link.

Good day! We’re here with the latest Stark VPN configuration file for MTN which will allow you to browse all your favorite sites and download files for free in 2022 and just like the rest, this cheat is limit at 1.1GB daily.  It’s fast and easy to connect without much delay.

To Cleared things up! Let’s keep moving:

How to Activate the VPN

Step 1– Make sure you download the required files from the below and move to the next step. Tap on Tweaks at the top right corner of the app.

Step 2– Locate the downloaded 0.0kb config file for MTN  and extract all contents.

Step 3– Navigate to your VPN and Click either on Import/Tweaks. Locate the files probably the file should be under download folder.

Step 4– Locate the .svc file, tap on it to import the config and hit the  START Button. With Stark VPN, you will be able to browse the internet for free without having to purchase a bundle on your sim.

The Free Internet trick is working perfectly on MTN 0.0k free browsing cheat. You can use a maximum of 1GB on some sims, while others sim can use up to 2GB to 3GB every day.

Final Step:  Wait for some minutes for it to get “CONNECTED”. When you are connected, then open your browsers/play store/YouTube and start rocking the free browsing.


Stark VPN Config file

NOTE- The data is capped at 1GB daily, and you can also use multiple SIM to bypass the restriction.
Always import any of your newly own SSH ACCOUNT ANYTIME YOU LIKE.

How To Confirm Your Connection

You will hear a short sound and should see a key sign at the top notification bar on your phone, most times it’s close to the network signal bar on your android phone.


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