Streaming – Offline Viewing Coming to YouTube TV on Android

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Good news for people who love to be glued to their YouTube TV on Android. They will soon be able to do as those who make use of the YouTube app on Android. As can be seen too, YouTube’s core mobile apps for iOS and Android alongside YouTube Music and Kids already support offline viewing.

The offline viewing feature is really useful when a person doesn’t have internet data and wants to enjoy a video or a program they love without connecting to the internet. Favorite movies and TV programs can be saved and watched later without the person’s worrying whether it will play smoothly or not.

Youtube Tv Download Offline
Youtube Tv Download Offline

As this capability is still missing from the YouTube TV app for Android, people can only watch content through the app’s cloud DVR that always needs an internet connection to work. A recent update by YouTube suggests that viewing YouTube TV on Android offline is coming soon.

Furthermore, the latest YouTube TV app on Android updated version 5.06.2 came with a system notification that reads “Looking for incomplete downloads” when it is launched. That suggests that the offline capability is coming soon to YouTube TV on Android because it is the same notification seen on YouTube’s main app and those other apps that offer offline viewing for users.

The new code in YouTube TV indicates that users will soon be able to download movies and shows, saving them to their device for offline viewing. The download button is expected to show on every video that users watch. It is possible that the app notifies users when they are offline and instruct them to open the downloads section where they can find already downloaded and saved videos that they can watch.

It appears that the new capability will first go to Android users, and then move to iOS devices later on.


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