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Streaming – these are the most anticipated series of 2023!

Bearing in mind that it has already been revealed that there will be new content for a series of projects now in 2023, users are extremely anxious to receive everything they are entitled to. However, in addition to new seasons. There will also be new projects to enjoy, which according to some trailers already revealed by the most varied Streaming platforms, seem to be simply brutal.

So, as we are still in February, there are still many other months of the year that will be full of news. So, if you’re really looking forward to it all, check out our list of the most awaited series below.


These are the most anticipated series of 2021! Will see?

Therefore, there is now an immense competition between Disney +HBONetflix, and even Amazon. It is to be hoped that the year 2021 will bring us much news at various levels on various series. But here are for sure the most awaited projects:

Stranger Things
Stranger Things
  • Cobra Kai (third season) – Even debuted on January 1 on Netflix
  • Loki – May at Disney +
  • What If?… Sometime in 2023 at Disney +
  • Hawkeye – end of 2021 at Disney +
  • Invincible – sometime in 2023 on Amazon
  • The Mandalorian (season 3) – end of 2021 at Disney +
  • The Book of boba fett – December 2021 at Disney +
  • Stranger Things (fourth season) – sometime in 2023 on Netflix
  • The Witcher (season 2) – sometime in 2023 on Netflix
  • The Boys (season 3) – sometime in 2023 on Amazon
  • Lord of the Rings – Sometime in 2023 on Amazon
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

In short, these are all the great series that should reach the various Streaming platforms this year. However, it is clear that there are some better than others. For example, I am very anxious about The Witcher, Stranger Things, and even some projects involving Marvel. However, I would also like to know which series you are waiting for.

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