Swiss Watchmaker sue Samsung, the reason is the look of the clocks

Intellectual property disputes also do not cover a relatively young segment of wearable devices, which represent mainly intelligent watches. Samsung has a number of such products and most recently a lawsuit.

Swatch, a Swiss watch company that also has brands such as Longines, Omega, and Tissot, believes that some of Samsung’s smartwatches seem to remind Swatch’s products.

Information was provided by Reuters.

Watchmakers talk about “unfair business practices” and Samsung wants to take advantage of the fame and good reputation of a renowned Swiss brand. Swatch has therefore turned to a court in New York, where he attacked Samsung Electronics Co. and Samsung Electronics America Inc.

Samsung whole affair refused to comment.

Samsung’s latest smartwatch, model Galaxy Watch Active.

Unfortunately, a demonstration and even examples of specific facets that intellectual property allegedly violate are not known to the public. We recall that Swatch has great ambitions to impress in the classroom of wearable devices.

It develops its own operating system to compete with WearOS, WatchOS or the Tizen operating system. His real look should be done this year, in Tissot’s smartwatch.

Because of the watches, Samsung is not only Swiss but also Japanese. Orient has owned its registered trademark for naming the Galaxy since 1984 and actually uses it in its watches. The Japanese Orient solves this problem at a court in South Korea’s Soul.

Samsung can come out of the dispute as the winner. Intelligent watches are categorized as an electronic device and not a jewel, which is not the case for classic wrist watches.

In any case, we must wait for the decisions of the competent authorities. The game is, of course, also a mutual agreement between the parties involved.

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