Teamfight Tactics – An Auto Chess Game That’s Worth Playing

Riot Game after making it big with MOBA League of Legends, released the Auto Chess game, Teamfight Tactics. The popular MOBA League of Legends did well and Riot Games didn’t relent but brought out the TFT (Teamfight Tactics) game which plays like a strategy game. If you’ve played League of Legends, it won’t take long before you recognize most of what are in Teamfight Tactics. The game is of the strategic nature and takes elements from League of Legends. The game is also based on Auto Chess although, Riot Games added some uniqueness to it so that it is distinct from others. The gameplay’s goal is similar- Ensure you’re the last player standing. The game is available on Android and iOS.

Teamfight Tactics is divided into rounds. Prior to each round, you build a team and place them on the battleground strategically. The same goes for other players. The coins or shared draft systems are used to create teams. In building teams, players select a champion from a collective pool by taking turns. The game matches players randomly against each other or AI players. The battle is done automatically, and the loser is responsible for the damage for the remaining champion on the winning side. Players whose health drops to zero are moved out of the battlefield.

Teamfight Tactics Game1
Teamfight Tactics Game

In a match, you can pick duplicates of the same champion, and doing this will transform them into two or three-star pieces having higher stats. When individual champions are tagged together on the board, different bonuses will be up for grabs. An example of this is combining the two sorcerer characters, Annie and Syndra which will lead to additional spell power. By employing tactics and strategy, you can do the best combination of bonuses, switch bonuses which will help you during the battle.

Spotting the differences between Teamfight Tactics and other Auto Chess battlers reveals an exciting one which is the carousel rounds. Every few rounds, each player has the opportunity of moving their characters to a literal carousel of champions who have elements to boost the character’s stats. The game will become hotter if you and another player head toward the same champion at the same time. With this, you’re plunged into a layer of strategy and intense experience that is not found in other auto Chess games. You may find that additional Master Yi piece useful or a complete two-star Master Yi, and by employing it, the attack damage of your current three-star Caitlin is boosted.

Teamfight Tactics Game2
Teamfight Tactics Game

Here are some of what you’ll find on your board:

Refresh and Buy XP buttons: Refresh lets you reroll your purchasable champions randomly and with Buy XP, you get 4 XP which lets you level up.

Scoreboard– This aspect shows you your position in the game, and how much health you have. You’ll also see the details of other players in the game.

Synergies– You’ll see your current (and possible future) synergies for champions here.

The store– The aspect is composed of the five champions that are up for the purchase with their details and gold cost.

Current Gold and Streak– The Current Gold and Streak aspect shows your current gold total, your bonus gold-per-round, and your win or loses streak.

Teamfight Tactics Game3
Teamfight Tactics Game

Teamfight Tactics is one of the better Auto Chess game on the market. With its community and development backing, one can say it will be a successful game overall. If you’re thinking of an auto chess game to play, Teamfight Tactics is probably the best.

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