Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station keeps your accessories in safe place

Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station 1
Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station 1

Here’s a perfect gift for men. Sometimes, we find it difficult to locate our precious possessions. The time we spend looking for these things can be enormous when we calculate them in 30 days. We don’t want to talk about the stress but this dock station is one way to organize one’s life.

While this gift item is often given to men, it can also be very useful for women because they too use mobile phones, keys, wallets, glasses, wristwatches, and other gadgets that are safely tucked on the wooding dock.

Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Description

The Teslyar Wood Phone Docking basically comes in brown color. It is wood, made with fine finishing. It is made with high-quality ash trees and supreme craftsmanship, and it is completely eco-friendly and environmentally safe too. The smart design it comes with makes it easy for anyone to enjoy using it day by day.

The quality is long-lasting. Just keep it clean as much as you can. The dimension of the dock is 13 x 8.3 x 8 inches. It doesn’t weigh much, for it weighs less than two kilograms if nothing has been placed on it.

Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station
Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station


  • Nice design
  • Good quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-saving/more effective time


  • Somehow expensive
  • Depending on the size of the phone or where the charging port is, it may not hold well

Charge Your Phone with Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station

The product comes with a multifunctional charging station and organizer. Yes, you can charge your smartphone but do that with your own charging cord. Remember, this Teslyar Wood Phone Docking doesn’t come with any other accessories.

The Stand is Eco-Friendly

Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station 2.jpg
Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Station 2.jpg

When you buy it, you would immediately see that it is made of wood and the finishing is non-toxic. The finishing is also protective, so no ants or other insects can easily bore their way into the dock. By the time you unpack it, you will also notice that it is beautiful, unique in structure, but note that even if it is basically coming in brown color, your own product may be slightly different in color to what you see in the picture.

Teslyar Wood Phone Docking’s Smart Design

The product is not made just for anything to be placed on it. As in the matter of space, there’s ample space where your valuables can be stored safely. Check out the manual for how to assemble it. If you follow the instructions, it isn’t hard to assemble it. Make sure you only put the right things on it. It is made to hold things such as necklaces, gold ornaments, wristwatches, wallets, bracelets, keys, stationery, and other small but important valuables.

Teslyar Wood Phone Docking is the Best Gift Idea

Hardly will you find anyone, especially a male rejecting the Teslyar Wood Phone Docking organizer. It solves a lot of problems when it comes to helping a man get organized in his life. Give it to a friend, a boss, a co-worker, a father, a husband, etc. This is the perfect gift on days such as Christmas, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Graduation, and more.

Teslyar Wood Phone Docking Pricing

It sells for $49.80 for the older model. You can go to Amazon and take your pick. The newer model sells for $39.80.

Few Facts to Note

The Teslyar Wood Phone Docking organizer can’t be placed on a wall. Avoid minor to serious accidents, as placing it on a wall could cause such. Also, it can’t be personalized. Follow the instructions found in the manual to set it up. Enjoy your new organizer!


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