The 5 Best Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Apps in 2022

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking
Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking on a smartwatch is nothing new. Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, and others have offered a range of sleep-related insights and metrics along with the ability to automatically track time in bed. Previously, sleep tracking was available for Apple Watch via third-party apps. With the new watchOS7 update, Apple offers its own integrated Sleep app that tracks sleep, on Apple Watch Series 3 and later.

While the Apple Watch Sleep app offers many features, including tracking when and how long you sleep and syncing your devices, it doesn’t provide detailed analysis of your sleep. If you want a more complete picture of your sleep patterns, the following best Apple Watch sleep tracking apps will monitor and record every aspect of your sleep.

Best Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Apps

1. AutoSleep- Tracker for Watch

If you like to lie in bed and read a book or binge on Netflix with friends, AutoSleep is the perfect sleep tracking app for you. The app is easy to set up and you can let her know when you’re falling asleep by enabling the Lights Out feature directly from your watch.

AutoSleep analyzes three key areas- sleep, quality, and readiness to meet the needs of the days based on your sleep history. The app tracks the time taken to fall asleep and displays the sleep session on a graph.

You can view your sleep depth and sleep heart rate overtime on the graph. You can also see sleep peaks and troughs that indicate when you were sound asleep when you got up, your time in deep sleep and your time with quality sleep.

AutoSleep has colored rings to track your sleep and compare it to your sleep goals to let you know your progress. Also, it has a “sleep bank” for the week which is based on how much sleep you sleep per night. If you sleep more you will have extra credit and if you sleep less you will go into debt.

Unlike the Apple Watch, which you have to wear to bed for the sleep tracking feature to work, AutoSleep works even if you’re not wearing the Apple Watch. Just touch the clock in the morning and the app will know that you are awake.

For the one-time cost of $ 3.99, AutoSleep gives you a decent amount of data, which is great value for money compared to what you get with the Apple Watch Sleep app.

2. Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker

Sleep Cycle is a free Apple Watch sleep tracking app that analyzes your sleep patterns and detects sounds like coughing, snoring, talking in your sleep, and more.

The app has a smart alarm clock designed to gently wake you up during a light sleep phase so you can start the day feeling energized. Additionally, it monitors your bedtime patterns from the time you sleep to give you a detailed analysis of your sleep so you can understand your sleep.

The free version offers sleep analysis with patented audio or accelerometer technology, detailed sleep statistics, daily sleep charts, alarm tunes, and integration with Apple Health.

With the premium version, you get a free month and access to all premium features, after which you will pay $ 29.99 per year. These features include long-term sleep pattern trends, sleep stories or relaxation guides, a customizable alarm window, sound recorder, and sleep notes.

Additionally, you can protect your sleep data via online backup, download sleep data for analysis or share it on social media.

3. NapBot – Auto Sleep Tracker

NapBot is a powerful sleep tracking app for Apple Watch that tracks and records your sleep by monitoring ambient noise to help you understand how it affects your sleep quality.

The app uses machine learning on the device to automatically detect, track and understand your sleep. Through its integration with Apple Health, the app extracts and shares data such as heart rate analysis to present it in clear, easy-to-read graphs for understanding. 

Like other third-party sleep tracking apps, NapBot calculates light and deep sleep stages and provides detailed sleep stage analysis. 

You can also manage your notifications or sleep goals and use dynamic notifications to preview your sleep data without launching the app.

NapBot is available as a free version, but you’ll need to sign up for its premium version to unlock features like sleep history and sleep trends. These premium features show how much sleep you sleep and discern patterns that could affect your sleep quality.

4. Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

SleepWatch uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically track, achieve and improve your sleep. The app integrates with Apple Health and displays data such as heart rate comparison and full sleep analysis, which you can access with a premium subscription.

The elegant and detailed app allows you to adjust the sensitivity of sleep tracking and set sleep goals. Its smart bedtime reminder reminds you to go to sleep at a specific time to improve your sleep rhythm.

You will also receive data based on a ratio of light to restful sleep, sleep patterns, heart rate and view it on your Apple Watch.

If you like to see how changing your lifestyle can affect your sleep, then SleepWatch is the app for you.

5. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

The Pillow Auto Sleep Tracker lives in your Apple Watch and analyzes what you do while you sleep. The app shows you the quality of your sleep and uses this data to detect the best time to gently wake you up so you can get out of bed ready for the day.

The app can automatically analyze your sleep cycles using the watch and you can use it as a smart alarm clock to wake you up in the lightest possible sleep phase. In addition, Pillow records important sound events such as talking in your sleep, snoring or sleep apnea, and any scary noises you make during the night. The app integrates with Apple Health to put a bigger picture of your overall health.

Pillow provides helpful sleep advice, lifestyle correlations, and presents data in legible graphs and tables. The overall user experience is very intuitive, so you can scroll through sleep data, smart alarm settings, and other features.

If you want Pillow to play a song from your Apple Music library to wake you up, switch to manual mode to enable music playback. You can also play, export, or delete any audio recording.

Track your sleep accurately

Sleep is one of life’s mysteries, but with a sleep tracking app you can figure out how to wake up, sleep, and what happens in between. If you’re looking for the best Apple Watch sleep tracking apps, any of our five choices offer a good place to start. They may not be 100% accurate, but you can use them to collect patterns and trends that could help you improve your sleep over time.


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