The best 5 apps to measure heart rate in 2022

heart rate
heart rate

Usually present on devices dedicated to fitness, the heart rate monitor proves to be an indispensable tool to monitor your health. Did you know that thanks to specific applications, can this be done with your smartphone? In this regard, let’s go together to find out which are the best app to measure heart rate!

How to measure the heartbeat with the smartphone

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor allows you to measure your heart rate after a workout to find out how your cardiovascular system behaves when under stress. The app provides information about your heartbeat at any time without the need for an additional device. The measurement is done using the camera of your smartphone and you will also have measurements shown in graphs. There are different ways of measuring: beating at rest, beating pre and post workout and maximum beating.

Download Runtastic Heart Rate Heartbeat

Heart Rate Plus – Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Plus is able to control your heart rate anywhere and anytime, whether at home or in the office, literally in any situation. Measure your heart rate with high accuracy using the sensor and the LED flash of your smartphone’s camera, processing blood flow images. In this way, you will obtain an instant and accurate result to take care of your health.

Download Heart Rate Plus – Heart rate monitor

Instant Heart Rate

Awarded by Health & Fitness on Mobile Premier Awards 2011, Instant Heart Rate does not require any external hardware. You can use it to optimize your training and to monitor your progress. Accuracy is constantly tested by athletic trainers, nurses, doctors, paramedics and 5 million users. It works by simply positioning the tip of the index finger on the smartphone’s camera and within a couple of seconds, you will be able to view your heart rate in real time.

Download Instant Cardiac Frequency

Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter

Cardiograph will allow you not only to measure your heartbeat, but you can also save the results to keep track of your physical health. Use the built-in camera of your dedicated device or sensor to calculate the beating heart. It can be very useful during physical activity if you have a medical condition linked to the heart or simply by curiosity. The application was created to allow more people to use it on a single device, with the creation of different profiles for each.

Download Cardiograph – Cardiograph

Heart Rate Monitor

Built with a simple, no-frills interface, Heart Rate Monitor lets you detect your heart rate accurately. Able to offer accurate measurement, customizable tags and with an excellent management of the history, the app in question turns out to be one of the best heart rate monitor app thanks to the absence of invasive advertising, ensuring a great user experience.

Download Heart Rate Monitor


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