The best applications for taking notes on Android in 2022


An activity that we do regularly on our Android phone is to take notes. If we have to do something, point an address, an email account… For all kinds of situations, we find it very useful. Also if we have pending tasks. Therefore, having a notes application installed on your phone is something that can help us many times.

The selection of this type of applications has increased with the passage of time. Although there are some that stand out above the rest. Therefore, we leave you below with the best applications to take notes on Android. All of them available in the Play Store.


We begin with one of the applications of more known notes that we can find. In addition to being one of the most powerful and complete that is available. We have many options within it. Since in addition to creating notes, we can organize them in many types, label them, and we have a great search engine in the application itself.

It has a very careful design but designed to be easy to use by users. Also, it is necessary to emphasize that it is a multiplatform option, that we will be able to use on our Android phone, or in other devices like the computer. It is an option that many uses in companies since it gives us many options.

The download of the application is free. Although if we want to have additional functions, we have a paid version of it.

You can download it here

Google Keep

Google has its own application to take notes for Android. It is an option that draws attention immediately for its design, inspired by Material Design. In addition to the many colors it has. The way of presenting the notes is very visual and simple since it organizes them as cards. Which makes it very easy to organize them. We can even anchor the most important notes at the top.

The application allows us to create all kinds of notes and even lists. So we can create a shopping list or to-dos, for example. We also have voice notes, which Google Keep itself can transcribe for us if we want. It is synchronized with Google Drive, and we have the possibility to share the notes we create with other people.

Like all Google applications for Android, the download is free and there are no purchases or ads.

It is available here


Another good application, which is not as well known by most users, but is one of the best options we have available in the Play Store. They bet on a notepad design with cards, which makes it all very visual and very easy to find the notes we have created. In addition, they differ in colors, which makes it even easier.

Moving through the application does not have any complications. We can create notes, or complete lists (with pending tasks, the purchase …). We can put them on the calendar in case of having deadlines, which helps us to be able to organize ourselves in a simple way. It also stands out for giving us the option of putting passwords in the notes if we wish. And we have reminders, that we can customize.

In short, it has all the elements we look for in an application to take notes on Android. So it is a very complete option, with a good design, and it works very well. It’s worth giving it a shot.

It is free in the Play Store and has no ads or purchases inside.

You can download it in this link.


We finish the list with an application developed by Microsoft itself. It is another option of the most complete, which in addition to allowing us to take notes, gives us many other features. Since we have compatibility with other platforms and services (Android Wear, OneDrive …). What makes it a more complete and versatile option.

The application gives us the ability to create notes, task lists, enter photos, videos or links, as well as add audio notes. So, as you can see, it is a very complete bet on the part of the company. In addition, it has a very simple design, very easy to move by it. So you are not going to have problems in this regard.

Thanks to the many functions it offers, it is a good bet to use at work. Since it will allow you to organize tasks and reminders in a simple way. The application is available for free in the Play Store.

You can download it here

These four applications are the best options that we can find available for Android. They are all very good options, so in part, it depends on personal preferences. But all of them are going to fulfill their purpose and they will not give you operational problems.



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