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The best custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite based on Android 10

Below you will find a list with the best custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, to update your phone with the latest operating system. Read this article to update Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. MIUI has always been a controversial part of Xiaomi smartphones. It comes with heavy bloatware and most importantly, it has started showing inappropriate ads across the operating system. 

The hardware is exceptional, but the software isn’t the best part of Xiaomi phones and isn’t everyone’s favorite. So if you are looking to get rid of MIUI, check out these best custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. All the ROMs in the list are stable, offer good performance, battery life and can be used as a daily operating system.

Custom ROM is an aftermarket firmware that can be flashed on Android devices with the help of a custom recovery. Custom ROMs are usually based on AOSP and provide a standard Android user interface with many features that allow us to modify and customize certain elements of the Android user interface. Also, mods like Magisk and Xposed modules work best when paired with a standard Android operating system.

Speaking of Mi 8 Lite, it is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset together with Adreno 512. It has an IPS 6.26 LCD with a resolution of 1080 × 2280 pixels and a display density of 403 PPI. It is available in a 4 GB RAM variant coupled with 64 GB of memory. 

As for the cameras, Mi 8 Lite houses a dual camera on the back which includes a primary 12 MP lens with a pixel size of 1.4 µm and a secondary 5 MP lens with a pixel size of 1.12 µm. A 24 MP selfie camera is present on the front.

Custom ROM Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

Important notes

  1. Make sure you have a full backup of your device before proceeding.
  2. Make sure the device is fully charged when trying to install a ROM.
  3. Please be patient when installing custom ROMs. Since installing a ROM can take up to 30 minutes. Any unnecessary action can cause the device to hang.

List of the best custom ROMs for Xiaomi MI 8 Lite



The best custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite is Evolution X. It is a custom ROM based on AOSP with all the pixel features like background, sound, boot animations, fonts and icons. GApps are pre-installed in the ROM. The ROM is based on the Pixel operating system but includes many customizable options. The ROM also receives timely security updates.



HavocOS is a custom ROM based on AOSP with one of the greatest customization features of the Arsenale. Thanks to the leading developers SKULSHADY and ZeNiXX, the ROM is highly customizable. The user interface and features of the ROM are based on the Pixel operating system. Speaking of performance and battery life, ROM works well and can be your daily driver.



Bliss ROM is an AOSP-based custom ROM from a non-profit organization. According to the Bliss ROM team, Bliss ROMs focus on performance, battery and customizations. You can also use Bliss ROM on any Windows or Linus tablet or PC released in the last 4 years and synchronize apps and settings between devices. Read more about Bliss OS here

CorvusOS v5.X

Corvusos V5
Corvusos V5

CorvusOS is a custom ROM inspired by the dirty unicorn with some features chosen by other projects. It is a stable ROM with many useful functions. You can customize the lock screen, status bar, notification bar, and many other elements of the Android user interface.

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience
Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is based on the Android operating system present in Pixel devices. The Google Pixel series has always enjoyed Android Stock with a few tweaks here and there. And Pixel Experience offers all the benefits of Pixel OS such as Boot Animations, sounds and ringtones, backgrounds, and system animations.

Pixel Experience together with LineageOS, is one of the most used custom ROMs thanks to its stability, excellent support from developers and, of course, its performance and battery life.

GApps comes pre-flash in the ROM, you have to install the ROM and use it right away. If you just want to migrate to Android Stock from MIUI and you don’t care much about functionality, then this is the ROM for you.

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