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The best operating systems for PC – Windows, Mac and Linux

Among the best known operating systems we certainly find Windows, this, in fact, is used on most PCs both low and medium-high. With time, however, Mac OS is definitely becoming increasingly popular, the operating system used exclusively for Apple computers. Finally, Linux, which is one of the most well-established operating systems, is not widely used by mass but is certainly among the favorites of PC experts.

What are operating systems and what are they for?

First of all, before understanding what the best operating system is, we need to know what they are for and what their role is in the PC. An operating system is software that allows computer users to take advantage of PC commands and data. Tablets and smartphones also have a specific operating system to determine their software.

Without an operating system, therefore, the hardware part of a PC or a smartphone cannot work, these two components are in fact closely related to each other. So a good software must necessarily be supported by good hardware to allow the user a completely satisfactory PC use.

The operating systems are therefore a data processing system, which gives the possibility to create an interactive interface with which the user can access the functions of the computer. Today, operating systems are increasingly sophisticated and cutting-edge these, in fact, undergo frequent updates, to offer a platform that is always functional and stable.

The best operating systems- Windows 10

Overview of Windows 10

Windows is the operating system created by Microsoft, this system is certainly among the most widespread and also among the easiest to use. Surely this operating system offers numerous applications and programs, which make it easy to use the computer and its components. 

The latest Windows operating system is Windows 10, this has a system that allows you to quickly get updates that evolve the operating system with a very high frequency over time. Windows 10 is certainly at the moment, after its release a payment system worthy of respect, the notification bar placed sideways, is very useful for quickly reading system information.

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Even the browser of Microsoft Edge is much better than the old Explorer, it is in fact much faster and suitable for reading and surfing the net, finally, we find Cortana, a voice assistant very useful for online research.

Windows 10, however, for its interface is certainly much more suited to Touch Screen models, as with these PCs, you can surely enjoy more of all the qualities of the new Software. Another point in favor of Windows is definitely the Gaming platform, in fact, many games are developed to be used optimally with this operating system.

Windows 10 still has some flaws, but such as the price, now that the product has been created and proven, this is sold to users at a cost of € 78.00 for the Home version, and 278.00 for the Professional version. Finally, this operating system does not offer many possibilities for programmers who want to customize the operating system.

Download the latest updated version of Windows 10

The latest updated version of Windows 10 (at the end of January 2019) is the 1803 version released at the end of 2018. In addition to the classic bug fixes are many new features introduced with this new version. Among the main ones, we remember the new look of the screen “visualization activity” (that takes the name of Timeline) that foresees a different organization of the sections, the introduction of a search box and the possibility to consult the chronology. With the 1803 version, there are also aesthetic novelties that become evident in the translucent background and a new effect when selecting the elements. Important innovations have also been introduced in the Microsoft browser, Edge, which now integrates auto-complete and the ability in tabs to turn off the sound.

Best Operating Systems- Mac OS

Mac OS interface

Among the best operating systems, we definitely find the software made by Apple, this is called Mac OS. Apple’s operating system is installed by default on all PCs of the company. Surely the fact that Mac OS is installed and is designed specifically for Apple PCs, is an absolute advantage both in the optimization of the system that is fluid and fast, both for the high performance it offers, the perfect combination with the hardware.

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Surely Mac OS Sierra, at the moment is considered among the best operating systems, especially for those working in the world of the web. Youtubers, graphic designers, website creators, and bloggers are certainly among the biggest admirers of this operating system. The reason is its software that allows graphics editing and resource management jobs much more extensive than those provided by Windows. 

Mac OS therefore offers many advantages especially for those who use Apple products such as iPhone and Apple Watch. With this operating system, it is in fact possible to make the products interact with each other. For example, you can use the universal clipboard that allows you to copy text to iPhone and send it to your Macbook. Or you can unlock the PC, even remotely using a specific APP on Apple Watch. In addition, this PC has the formidable Siri, which is certainly among the most interesting voice assistants in the world. 

Mac OS, in general, however, although it is certainly among the best operating systems, also has flaws, first of all, the inability to use it as a platform for gaming, although of course for those who work, it is certainly not an interesting data. Another problem and that this operating system is available are for Apple PCs, so it can not be used on other hardware. 

Download the latest updated version of macOS

As for macOS, the latest version is October 2018, or 10.14.1. The full name is MacOS Mojave, the fifteenth version of Apple’s operating system. After downloading the update you will discover several new features. The most relevant is the introduction of group calls on FaceTime, a mode that allows you to make calls simultaneously with thirty-two participants. Another new feature is the inclusion of new emojis. There are 70 new faces on the Apple operating system that provide many new options to be selected for their conversations in chat.

The best PC operating systems- Linux

Linux interface

Linux is a perfect operating system for programmers, this is because it is Open Source and therefore allows anyone interested to improve and change the code of the software to your liking. Linux, thanks to this versatility, allows a better adaptation to different PC hardware, thanks precisely to its being able to be conformed based on this. Linux is the most secure and reliable operating system ever because even if there are bugs or sudden flaws in the system these are suddenly resolved by the large community of Linux, which in addition to being very extensive and also very active in troubleshooting. 

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Linux is an operating system that does not use anti-virus, it is certainly among the best operating systems for its security. Not only is Linux completely free, and undergoes continuous updates. Linux has a clear and fast platform. Who has tried Linux, and can use it in all its peculiarities, has renounced any other operating system on the market, of course, however, this operating system is not suitable for everyone.

Linux fails to install many of the Windows applications we are used to such as Office and Adobe, and also has some limitations on the number of installable applications. Anyone who wants to try Linux, or makes it live with Windows can always choose to install Ubuntu and let the two operating systems coexist peacefully.

Download the latest updated version of Linux

Very different speech, however, with regard to Linux. Being an open source operating system and completely free, there is no single version, but there are many distributions that change a lot between them. The main differences are those related to the interface, the applications made available and the library of official applications supported. For more information, we recommend that you always consult the official Linux site or the distribution one you are using, to find out if there is a new update. In strict alphabetical order, we remember what are the main distributions of the Linux operating system– Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Deepin, elementary OS, Fedora, Gentoo, Linux Mint, Mageia, openSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Slackware, Tails, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio.

Finally, we can not decree a winner on the others, but surely the operating systems Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, adapt depending on how you use the PC and the features that you can not give up.

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