These smartphones can download and stream content the fastest

    Measure Speed on Android Phone With Best Free speedometer app
    Measure Speed on Android Phone With Best Free speedometer app

    When choosing a new smartphone, you take note of a number of obvious factors. Consider, for example, the screen, the camera, and the design. Yet there are also less obvious aspects that have a major impact on your user experience. Consider, for example, the speed with which you download the internet. So download and stream.

    Samsung Galaxy S9 can download and stream content fastest

    In other words, download, and upload. This is not only important when you download individual files. It is precisely in the year 2018 that we are massively streaming, razor-sharp images. Even if we are on the train, or during the lunch break. But which smartphone is actually the best in that? The differences are larger than you think.

    Ookla, the company behind was looking for it. Their research shows that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are significantly faster than other devices. At least, when it comes to downloading and streaming content. The speed is up to 42 percent faster than the competition. Not wrong!

    Stolen Samsung Galaxy

    These speeds are mainly due to the brand new CAT 18 LTE modem in the Galaxy S9. This allows a download speed of 1.2 Gbps to be achieved. Of course, the actual speed is largely off your network, but the capacity is large.

    But what about compared to the competition? The differences are not only big compared to old or cheaper models. The iPhone X is up to 37 percent slower, the Google Pixel 2 17 percent and the Galaxy S7 38 percent. Here you check the complete survey.

    Samsung immediately seized this research for a nice piece of advertising – “This summer, the world of the world, and the world of technology. Galaxy S9 and S9 +, their phones may literally slow them down, “said Justin Denison, senior vice president of Marketing at Samsung Electronics America.

    In the future, only larger steps will be taken in this area. 5G is coming, next year already. However, it will take a while before you have a device in your hand that supports the super-fast technology. Here you can read what 5G will mean for you and when you can start to reap the benefits.


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