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Tips & Warnings What to look out for when entering credit card information

As with cash handling, caution should be exercised when entering credit card information.

We recommend that you be vigilant when inserting credit card information into a new application or on a website that you have not used before, especially for those services that you do not know. We recommend following the following tips.

First of all, you should find out more about the provider, especially about the service itself, for example on a website. Reviews in app stores are also a good source. In case a user has a negative experience in front of us, they will definitely share it with others in these places.

When inserting a card into the application, you should notice a few facts. It is important that you enter the card data via a secure payment gateway with a protocol starting with the abbreviation https:// and that it is then authenticated via 3D Secure. This way, you can be sure that you are not giving your credit card information to a third party who is the provider of the mobile application but remains in a secure banking environment.

The symbol of the fact that we are in a safe environment are also the logos of card companies Verified by VISA, or Mastercard SecureCode.

Another way to reduce the risk of inserting a payment card into unknown applications is to block e-commerce purchases (or online payments) and allow them only when we are going to pay for something. Ideally, your bank allows you to manage the settings on its card as needed directly in the banking application, making it much more flexible.

When saving data from the card, it is good to read the conditions of use of the service. Some may inadvertently oblige us to charge a regular fee.

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