Top 10 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Make More Money in 2022

Bloggers that use WordPress make use of Amazon’s affiliate program to generate passive income. This affiliate kind of program allows you to place in-text and display ads on your pages and then earn a commission when a visitor purchases any products using your link. Amazon program is one of the most popular affiliate programs around the world. Without a plugin, you can miss some features that will help you improve your affiliate income.

So in this post, we will be showing you the best WordPress plugin that you can use to make more money on your WordPress site.



AAWP is a premium plugin that lets you manage your Amazon affiliate links. The plugin provides an all-in-one solution for inserting and tracking affiliate links on your site. You can also place affiliate links in a few different ways like via hypertext links within your content, boxes that you can customize in terms of product description and price display, and also comparison tables.

2. ThirstyAffiliates


This one is a free WordPress plugin that features some amazing tools for affiliate link management. The free version of the plugin helps you to cloak your Amazon affiliate URLs with your domain. And when place on your site, it will automatically un-cloaks some links to comply with Amazon Associate’s terms. It features quick and convenient manual linking.

It also has the option that you can use to search the Amazon catalog from within your WordPress site. The premium version on the other hand adds comprehensive stats reporting, Google Analytics integration, and auto-linking.

3. WZone


WZone is a WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates that is dedicated to incorporating Amazon affiliate links into WooCommerce-powered websites. The plugin allows you to select products from and display them like WooCommerce products on your site. That way visitors can view these products as they would on a typical WooCommerce site and they can also purchase them using your affiliate link.

4. Easy Affiliate Links

easy affiliate links

Easy Affiliate Links may not be that popular, but it’s one of the best plugins that you can use to handle affiliate links. The plugin lets you cloak your affiliate links, edit your links with a visual editor, categorize your links for easy searching and also import affiliate links from an XML file. This plugin is free but has a premium extension for $29 that brings in more features like a built-out reporting dashboard and more.

5. AAPro


This particular plugin enables users to build an online store and then connect it to Amazon. The plugin is not free but affordable. It costs $29 which includes its theme specially designed to work with this plugin. The theme is SEO-optimized, responsive, and it has different layouts, sliders, and some icons to choose from.

6. AzonPress


AzonPress is a nice plugin that lets users easily place Amazon affiliate links on their web pages in form text, customizable box displays, and comparison tables. Further, it has a reporting dashboard where you can evaluate link performance and your earning. The plugin costs $39 per year for one domain while the lifetime license costs $149.

7. Pretty Links

pretty links

Pretty Links is a great affiliate plugin for cloaking and tracking all links on your site. The good thing about the plugin is that it replaces affiliate links with your domain name, and redirects them temporarily. It can also generate shortened slugs for any links and you can set your custom slug to make your link appear clean and neat.

Pretty Links offers most of its features for free but has a premium package that costs $49 per year and it gives you access to more redirect types, integration with Google Analytics, and automatic affiliate linking.

8. Amazon Auto Links

amazon auto links

Amazon Auto Links is one of the best plugins out there. This plugin can automatically insert Amazon affiliate links and product feeds on your website. The products are based on the categorizing chosen by you and they display regularly update product listings. This plugin is completely free.

9. Amazon Link Engine

amazon link engine

Amazon Link Engine is a plugin that automatically converts all Amazon affiliate in-text links and then displays them on your site into localized links. Now when an international user loads your web page, it will detect their region and then changes the link to direct them to the most optimal Amazon product page.

10. Amazon Product in a Post

amazon product in a post

With this plugin, you can add amazon product boxes and links to any page or post on your site. The plugin makes use of the Amazon Product Advertising API. You can even edit each product listing by adding your review, and you can also add as many products as you want using the shortcode.

It also offers you templates for product grids, single products, and elements. You can add custom styling using CSS to improve your visitor’s experience.