Top 10 Best Amino App Alternatives 2022

Amino Alternatves
Amino Alternatves

Amino or the other way round AminoApp or Amino App is a popular social network that gives opportunities for people to join various communities to chat about their favorite topics. There are also opportunities to get involved in fandoms and for users to make friends. The platform allows users to express themselves, and discuss what they are passionate about with like-minded people.

I have decided to reveal the best alternatives to Amino app below, and these include more popular platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter. What’s important for you to also note is that these platforms don’t really look alike in design but they offer many features that users can enjoy. People who love to be engaged in microblogging will find them all useful. I will endeavor to list the salient features of the platforms as well.

What are the features of Amino App?

When you think about Amino, think about communities dedicated to certain topics of interest to users. On this platform, users can also chat with one another in various ways with the use of:

  • Text
  • Voice
  • Screening room

Users can also do more while they are on the platform. They can add any of the following:

  • Polls
  • Blog posts
  • Image posts
  • Wiki entries
  • Stories
  • Quizzes

Sometimes, the administrators may notice a good blog post and promote it to the front page, thereby giving it more popular among users on the site and other visitors.

Let’s now examine the 10 best Amino app alternatives out there online in 2022.

1. Aether


This app is like a decentralized peer-to-peer Amino platform which some users believe is the best ever social media app. This platform has a number of self-governing communities, and it also acts as a tool for private communication for members. It is an open-source platform, with auditable moderation and mod elections.

Features of Aether

  • Supported languages – English
  • Your posts can remain on-site for six months. It may be removed anytime from then
  • It is a democratic platform. Communities may elect and impeach moderators by voting. Users can also disable moderators they think are behaving inappropriately
  • This is a transparent platform where the actions of mods are visible to users
  • Clean language is often encouraged here, and those who fail to follow instructions could be banned

Check out its mobile communities for many topics. Some of these are:

  • Anime
  • K-pop
  • Art
  • Hardwood
  • Overwatch

You can also do well to build your own communities as you deem fit. There are various custom design tools available.

2. SaidIt


SaidIt is an uncensored free-speech alternative to the Amino, democratically civilized, but doesn’t allow illegal activities and porn. The theme that runs around this social network is the offering of truth-seeking anti-corruption news. At the present time, it has no app. Users can visit the site through a browser like Chrome. At the first glance, people think they are on another Reddit site.

Features of SaidIt

  • Post news, articles, videos, images, stories
  • Registered members vote for the most popular items
  • The site has a “hot” list on the front page
  • It has some Reddit-like features
  • Users can comment on posts
  • Enjoy the night mode
  • No ads distractions
  • No transactions of weapons or drugs

The platform also has a place where users can chat. This technology is also available in Reddit. If you need a good place for engaging in civil free speech discourse, this is the right place for you. The site continues to be upgraded by the administrators. New features are added as they deem fit.

3. Hubzilla


Hubzilla was founded to create interconnected based websites featuring decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework. It is very good for exploring online communities. This social networking site is known as the do-everything system. It holds a tremendous amount of versatility and depth. This isn’t just a social network, not just a forum, not just a cloud storage solution, and it’s not just a content management system.

Features of Hubzilla

  • It comes with an event system similar to that of Facebook MeetUp or Events
  • The photo albums functionality appears to be similar to that of Flickr – tag pictures, give captions
  • It has the inclusion of permission-based cloud file storage
  • Calendar sync allows for syncing calendars and address books across various different clients
  • The Wiki allows users to create indefinite amounts of content for a given channel
  • Chatrooms can be visited through the browser. The identity of the person who entered is immediately determined
  • Play games of chess

In a nutshell, this platform has varying features that make it resemble various platforms, not one. Once you get accustomed to the platform, your love for it will grow.

4. Facebook

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo

Facebook is a social network like no other. Many social networks have often sought means of replicating the network’s features so as to gain more prominence. Till now, there has never been a large social network like Facebook. Why did it grow so big? You could get the answer from the company’s mission: To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. This, somehow is the basis for all social networks in existence.

Features of Facebook

This social network has more features than Amino and other social networks. I will mention some below:

  • Send and receive friend requests
  • News Feed offers updates shared on the network and users are able to know the most popular content on the network
  • Facebook Wall is the place where a user’s content is displayed
  • Timeline offers content based on year, month, or date
  • Likes and reactions allow interactions with other users on posts or page profiles
  • Add GIFs to comments to make the stuff interesting
  • Instant messaging on this platform is reputed as the best ever
  • Notifications alert users that they have new content on their profile
  • Groups can be created by users and other members can post and share content on the group’s wall
  • Events are designed to help the poster get more attendees for an upcoming event
  • In the marketplace, users are able to post classifieds
  • Notes serve as a blogging tool with which the user can write text, add photos, or import another external blog post

These are just 12 features of Facebook. There are many more. In fact, there are some users on Facebook who only love to play games on social networks. It depends on what each individual wants to enjoy.

5. Nitter


Actually, this is a free and open-source front-end mirror of Twitter. Do you feel like you need to use Twitter with some privacy? This platform offers that possibility. That’s why once you visit Nitter, you will be encouraged to type in your Twitter username. Among those who enjoy using this platform are people who don’t want to be distracted by advertisers on Twitter. This became important as it was shown some time ago that Twitter users’ data are exposed to third-party advertisers. It was learned that advertisers wanted to have more information on the people who view their ads. You can’t log in and view your tweets with Nitter but you could install extensions that will automatically redirect links to tweets and profiles to Nitter.

Features of Nitter

  • There are no Javascript or ads
  • All requests are hidden from Twitter
  • Twitter can’t track your IP or Javascript fingerprint
  • Has a dark theme that looks lovely at night
  • Enjoy this lightweight tool
  • The platform is security focused
  • The supported language is English
  • It serves pages faster than Twitter

There are many users of this network who believe that it makes sense more than Twitter. That’s due to the fact that most of them have unpleasant experiences using Twitter.

5. Tumblr

download Tumblr videos
download Tumblr videos

Tumblr is a place where users express themselves, discover themselves, and bond over what they love. Simply put, your interest in the platform will connect you with the right people. In case you don’t know, the social network platform also is a great resource for the latest or trending news online. Users love it because it is so easy to use. People make blog posts, adding whatever content they want on the posts. Posting features include the following:

  • Stories
  • Photos
  • GIFs
  • TV shows
  • Links
  • Quips
  • Dumb jokes
  • Smart kokes
  • Spotify tracks
  • Mp3s
  • Videos
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Deep stuff

The social network is home to more than 500 million different blogs filled with diverse content. On this platform, you could literally post anything such as:

  • Memes
  • Text
  • Music
  • Tweets

The possibilities are endless. You are free to post pictures of your snake, dog, your home, your street, anything goes.

6. Minds


Minds are a free social network for anyone who wants to share and learn more about the world. It is also a good place to launch your digital brand, social network, or your new mobile app. This is popular as a global social network of social networks. It is available in either centralized or decentralized options. The best part of the social network is that it is a blockchain-based social network that offers opportunities for users to earn money or cryptocurrency just for using the platform. Tokens gotten can be used to boost points or crowdfund other users’ programs.

This platform is seen as a place where users can share their thoughts without fear of repression. They can speak freely, and while doing that, they can protect their privacy as well. At this time, the platform boasts more than six million users, and more than two billion tokens are rewarded to users. The platform exists as a desktop and mobile app. If you have a good habit of engagement on the website you can earn, but I have no information on how good an earning opportunity the site gives to users.

7. Gab


Gab is also like many of the social network platforms I listed above because it is an open-source fully decentralized social network that belongs to the Gab community. However, this platform is less moderated than other platforms, and as such, users may see offensive posts that they won’t like, so be warned. Gab is relatively new but it is gaining momentum at the moment. It has been described as a good Twitter alternative, thereby, making a good Amino alternative as well. If you are looking forward to getting or delivering a free speech this is the right place for you. Once you’re on the front page you can see the most popular posts lined up there. The social network is also a place to get to know what’s happening in the USA. A quick look at the posts shows you that this is also a microblogging site. However, it is a controversial social network.

8. Twitter

Post Audio Files On Twitter
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Twitter is also a very popular social media network known worldwide. This network allows users to send and read short 280-character messages that are known as tweets.

Features of Twitter

  • Pin your top tweets
  • Search native GIFs
  • Create a moment
  • Customize your notifications
  • Verify your account
  • Use lists
  • Promote tweets
  • Search hashtags

There are so many things you can do on Twitter. The platform is often positioned after Facebook and Instagram. On the home page, everything looks simple with only a few features available but this is perhaps one of the most powerful networks in that it has often been used to shape political views and cultures. Of course, this is also a good Amino app alternative.

9. Reddit


Reddit is a good alternative to Amino, as it is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion platform. Some people believe that this platform is too strict in some sense. Users can post the following:

  • Links
  • Text posts
  • Images
  • Videos

These could be voted up or down by users. The number of upvotes determines how the post will be displayed on the site. A highly rated post will feature prominently on the home page. That means more people will see that post.

10. Flote


Flote is another crypto social network empowering users to protect their identities. This network exists without all the well-known censorship. Some of the things people do on this platform are:

  • Finding ways to express themselves freely
  • Building communities
  • Earning digital money while providing worthwhile content

Users are encouraged to “share whatever flotes your boat” and sure enough, many people are finding this social network very valuable in sharing and finding good content. This platform prides itself on creating a new world of social media.

Features of Flote

  • Share your ideas freely
  • Monetize your content
  • Sell your goods
  • Transact securely in cryptocurrencies
  • Meet others virtually

Do more.


If you’ve read thus far, you must have seen the different aspects of these social networks. They don’t all accomplish the same goals but they all help the user to accomplish one or two things in particular – find friends and share information over the internet. My advice is that you try all these networks and see the best among them that you would always like to use. In case you need to get more sometimes, it is popular to pay a certain amount of money in other to get premium services from these social networks, especially Amino.