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Top 5 iPhone Launcher Apps to Give You iPhone-like Experience on your Android

If you love the iPhone interface, and you wish to have that on your Android device, then there’s good news for you. You can have that intuitive iOS interface on your Android device so you’d have an iPhone feel. Luckily, Android gives you great opportunity to customize the look of your phone. Here are 5 best iPhone launchers for your Android device.

Top 5 iPhone Launcher Apps for Android

  1. Phone X Launcher

To get an iPhone X easily, you should try this app. Using the Phone X launcher can give you a look and feel of Apple’s flagship phone on your Android device. You won’t only have the iOS 11 skin on your Android device from the app, but it will make it have the looks and functionalities of an iPhone. If your phone is a bezel-less type or one with notch display, you would experience the iPhone X like notch added to the top of your screen. It is possible to add customization to the launcher to suit your taste and swipe up to open control center for shortcut toggles.


  1. One Launcher

One Launcher makes the list as one of the best iPhone launchers that is able to mimic the iOS interface with a great degree of accuracy. First of all, Onc Launcher has the ability to provide on your Android phone, the same iOS transition effects, coupled with the display of icon packs and system icons. Just like iOS, the app icons get scattered around your home screen but with the options to customize, you can place them wherever you wish. Asides this, it is noticeable to see apps located in One Launcher based on category, which makes it easy to look for apps.


  1. Espire Launcher

Espire Launcher is one of the best iPhone Launchers for Android. Unlike the way Android UI works, iPhone does not have an app drawer too you see all the apps on the home screen. Once unlocked, you can escape the extra tap needed to access the app drawer on your regular Android phone. Espire Launcher also works this way. With the launcher, you can add up to eight widget maximum but you must make sure that your device doesn’t lag. Upon installing and setting up the launcher, you’ll experience a better launching feel.


  1. iLauncher Plus

This is another app that can simulate the iPhone feel on your Android phone. iLauncher offers a similar iOS user interface for Android with high quality. Its look is clean and if your phone has a bright display, it will really look like an iPhone. The app does not weigh much and is fast. Added to this are background effects that are similar to what you find on an iPhone – the new blur effect for instance. To create easy mobilization and for an exact similarity like an iPhone, the keyboard should be adjusted to give the best experience.


  1. xOS Launcher

The next launcher we’re looking at is xOS launcher which is another option you can try to get the iPhone-like experience on your Android phone. The app can give your Android phone that iOS-like effects with a smooth interface and it can be customized, which is one thing you would love to see in a launcher. Another great thing about this particular launcher is that it works on entry-level phones. What are you waiting for, head on and download?


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