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Top 5 Lite Social Media Apps that can Reduce the Load From Android

Lite Social Media apps can be the advantage for your Android. An advantage for the Battery, and the CPU. Most of the times the Normal Social Media apps that people use in their Android ruins battery and Performance of their device. And sometimes due to heavy load on Android CPU due to apps, Android automatically restart to end those Background running services of apps. And this gives a refresh to Android to Run appropriately. You may probably notice this thing in your Android. This mostly happens with Low-end smartphones. So, if you want to have a healthier phone for forever then replace the high-end Social apps that you use with these top 5 lite social media Apps right now.

If you still not confirmed about using Lite Social apps instead of Normal Social Apps then let me help you by explaining them.

Because Knowing their pros and cons can clear your doubts at first place and help you to decide which one will be better for your phone.

So, let’s get straight to it.

What is Lite Social Media Apps?

Lite Social media apps are the child version of Social media Apps. Their functions and tasks are the same as normal social media apps, but they are customized for using the low source of CPU and RAM.

In some lite apps, you may not get some good features, but they will deliver you speed and hangs freeloading. And this is because when lite apps project made by developers, they care for only one thing; how to make it load faster even in low-end phones.

And to make lite social media apps run faster, they either remove some features or Cutdown every unnecessary features in available from the main version. And when final apps come to the end of the development, finally they compress the files to make it small in size for fast downloading and installing.

Also, Lite social media apps are specifically made for two things – For Low-end Phones and to save battery, improve performance in Android phones.

These are some information about Lite social media apps. Now let me actually tell you Top 5 lite social media apps.

Top 5 Lite Social Media Apps of 2018

Here are the top 5 hand-picked Social Media Apps for your Android device to reduce the load on CPU and RAM:

1. Facebook LiteTop Lite Social Media Apps

When the word “lite” is searched in Google Search engine, Facebook-lite comes first in the result. Because its the first lite social media app that was made and become popular. Facebook lite is much more stable than Facebook App because of its size and files compression. And low-end smartphone can efficiently run it without any lags and hangs. You can even Run Facebook with 2G network, and the bonus is it doesn’t slow down.

With a 2G network, you can watch videos on Facebook, view high-quality image (High size images takes time to load on Facebook lite with 2G connection), view story of others, chat anyone with speed and much more.

The Facebook lite interface and design are super simple. And it uses a combination of Blue and white color (Both are in low RGB). The color is probably friendly for Humans eyes, and I’m sure it will not damage your eyes even if use it too much. Now let me show you some awesome features of Facebook lite.

Features of Facebook Lite

  1. Works great in 2G network. You don’t need a 4G or 5G connection in your Android phone to use Facebook lite fast. 2G connection is well enough to Watch videos, chat with friends, Edit Profile, upload pictures and more.
  2. Less in size but rich in feature. Facebook lite is actually not a lite app if you look at it with feature sense. It has lots of Classic features that Facebook app has too. Like Story feature, Picture and Video Uploading feature, Video Watching and more.
  3. Finds Friends and Family easily. Facebook lite just updated its searching feature and made it strong. If you are using it, then you may notice that the search bar has moved to the top which delivers a great user experience for searchers like me. And the search bar has also improved in size term which makes easy to navigate and search.

There are many good features the Facebook lite app has that is too common with the Facebook app. The above features are the only that I found useful to say.

In the end, Facebook-lite is the best lite Social media app, and I highly recommend to replace the Facebook app with Facebook Lite to reduce the load from your Android. Follow the below link of Facebook lite to install it in your Android from Google Play Store instantly.

Download Facebook lite

2. Twitter LiteTop Lite Social Media Apps

Another Best lite Social media apps that built for giving less load to Android CPU and RAM. Twitter Lite has too many things to Provide to their users. Trust me; After installing and testing this lite app, I just can’t believe how a Lite app can deliver too many features with low file size. Twitter lite is real Lite Social media app because it has everything customized perfectly for Low-end phone users. Yes, everything!

From its color combination to Design, everything is fine! Also, the color combination it uses is White and Light blue which is an Eye-friendly color like Facebook lite. With twitter lite, you can explore the Tweets from your following, and top twitters. You can also customize your profile picture, description, timelines, etc.

Another Good thing that Twitter lite has is messaging. You can chat with your follower, following even in low connection which is a great deal. Now, I think I pretty much explained about twitter lite to help you know about its Interface, design and user experience. Let me show you its unique features that will help you to know deeply about Twitter lite.

Features of Twitter lite

  1. Data Saver. Twitter lite has In-built Data saving feature that performs very well and saves a Good amount of Data. This feature is really helpful for those who have a slow Internet connection. However, you just need to turn Data Saver on in Twitter lite app and you it will almost save your 65% of Internet Data while using Twitter lite.
  2. Messaging. With the Twitter lite app, you can chat with anyone (following, followers) privately. The privacy of Twitter lite is really strong. You will not regret after sharing your very personal details like Bank account numbers or any talk.
  3. Nigh Mode. A human eye saving feature! Are you addicted to Twitter? You must be using Night mode at night time because it blocks the amount of light and sends less lite from the screen. Results your eyes stay healthier even after using it for long every day.

These are some unique and useful feature that I found useful to explain. Overall, Twitter lite is really a Good lite social Media App that you should adopt right now. Just Follow the below link after this Paragraph to download the Twitter lite App from Play Store.

Download Twitter lite

3. LinkedIn Lite

Top Lite Social Media Apps

The fastest job searching and networking platform are now easy to access. LinkedIn lite is super fast than its original version in loading term. It makes job search experience delightful! As you know, LinkedIn is a Social media network where people make a connection with companies, Entrepreneurs, marketers and more. The problem was in its website and Android app, the loadings were so slow which make their users frustrated and to exit. But the good news is LinkedIn cares about their users, and that’s why they built a Lite Version app of their LinkedIn App.

There no such major changes were made in LinkedIn as of Now on its latest Lite version app. But not all the features are implemented like Manage company page! This is a huge disadvantage in LinkedIn Lite. Because we mostly care about our own things. And if we can’t access our business pages then how it will be useful for us. This one is the biggest disadvantage I have found on Lite social media app LinkedIn. And it feels like they are working on implementing it. Hopefully, we see that feature soon.

So, let’s talk about some good side and features of LinkedIn lite. The Interface of LinkedIn is quite similar to Twitter lite and Facebook lite apps. And one thing that I noticed that all the lite social media apps that I explained above, uses low RGB color in their theme. I think it helps them to make their app lower in size.

LinkedIn has some good amount of features in his Lite App:

  1. Search Job fast even in 2G connection. You can access LinkedIn and Do job Search in 2G connection. That’s the first good feature that LinkedIn has provided.
  2. Download and Install it in seconds. The LinkedIn lite app is quite small in size. It almost takes less than 1Mb in any Smartphone. And so, downloading and Installing this lite app is easy.
  3. It uses less Battery and Data. I loved this feature of LinkedIn lite! The apps who eat less battery and Data are a Good app for most of us. Because this allows us to store more apps and files in our Android.
  4. Chat with anyone instantly! The chatting system in LinkedIn lite is better and faster than its Original app.

These are some Good features that I found useful on LinkedIn lite. Overall, LinkedIn lite is a Good lite social Media app. I have given a Download link below, just click to Download and Install it in your Android.

Download LinkedIn Lite

4. Line Lite

Top Lite Social Media Apps

Line Lite is similar to WhatsApp, and with that, you can do free Messaging, Video Calling, Group chatting, and a lot more things. Using line Lite can give you the ability to get in touch with your friends and family fast. Because the services it provided are super fast and stable. If you compare Line lite with Line app, you will found pretty much difference. Like the loading is fast, takes less data, uses less memory, eat less RAM and more. On the other hand, the Line app is just the opposite.

The theme color and Elements are well managed, and that’s why it delivers a Good user experience. Let me show you some awesome features of it.

Features of Line Lite

  1. Add friends easily. Making a connection with your friends and family in Line lite is easy. And you can also send pictures and videos with Line lite.
  2. Free voice and Video calling. The one thing that Line Lite has done well is it provided free Callings (Video, voice).

Line lite has good little features to list here, and that’s why I listed the most two. You can try this lite social app from below link.

Download Line Lite

5. Vigo Lite

Top Lite Social Media Apps

A lightweight Platform for short and funny videos. Vigo Lite is a Good app for entertaining yourself for minutes to get a refresh. If you have stress time going, then you should take advantage of this Vigo lite app. In Vigo lite, you will find videos related to Comedy, funny, Lip-syncing, fashion, and beauty. The content is increasing every day, so you never get bored watching the same video.

Vigo lite is customized for Playing HD quality videos in low-end Phones. You can also create your own videos there and share it on Instagram and such a great platform. For creating an engaging video, there are many filters, and the transition has added to make your video looks great. If you want to show your talent, then I highly recommend working on the Vigo lite app. It also has some great features that you need to know if you are about to use it.

Vigo Lite Features

  1. Personalized feed. Vigo lite will only recommend you videos on what you are interested in. Their algorithm analyzes your Watch history and recommends videos on your feed.
  2. Watch Videos in High-quality. Vigo lite allows watching videos in High-quality like YouTube. Watching High-quality videos is rare on apps that Vigo lite is taking advantage.

Overall, Vigo lite is an amazing lite social media app, and you should definitely give it a try.

Download Vigo lite


Replacing those high-level apps with these lite social apps will give you a lot of benefits like Battery savings, Performance improvements, Data saving, storage saving and more.

So, hopefully, you got something fruitful from this TechVaz article? If so, share it at least because if you start caring for others, they will also start caring for you.

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