10 Top Alternatives to Firebase in 2022

When it comes to web development, iOS or Android applications, Firebase is one of the most popular apps for many people. Yes, the software is the first requirement by Google. Another reason many people go for it is that it does not require all the long programming or coding before you can use it. Firebase has become more popular since 2014, and today it’s still one of the best. However, it’s not open-source, which is one of the reasons some people will prefer its open-source alternatives. So if you are among those looking for the best Firebase alternatives this year, then we got you covered.

1. Parse


Parse is an excellent alternative to Firebase. It comes with some amazing and compelling features that you can use in in-app development. It has several other features on the inside as well. Parse also helps developers in managing application backends in a more secure way. Since it an open-source, developers can manage its backend services in a more efficient way. There are other excellent benefits of using this software, and you will get tons of tools and services that you need to develop any application in the best way.

2. Back4app


Back4app is a great software that you can use in both development of websites and applications. It provides users a quick and easy way to host and manage applications even though it’s on a single platform. Another exciting part is that those using the Parse framework can still get the best hosting for their application as well. Back4app also provides a database that you can access using GraphQL or REST APIs.

This way, it will be more convenient and easy for developers to focus more on the frontend and other user services. Furthermore, it can help developers to host web, IoT, and mobile applications. Back4app is also open-source, so it brings more tools and integrations which will help developers implement any functionality they want into their project.

3. AWS Amplify

aws amplify

AWS Amplify is an open-source BaaS provider that offers users nice and cool tools that are needed to design and develop any kind of application. One good thing is that you can easily integrate JavaScript-based frontend to the application. AWS Amplify has a much easier-to-use and navigates user interface, making it easy to manage backend services. What’s more, it comes with an extensive library that can allow developers to connect their backend solutions with the mobile application frontends without any issues.

This is a great opportunity for people who are looking for a way to enjoy Firebase functionality and features. The AWS Amplify also comes with a complete toolkit to manage various backend services. Another notable thing is that AWS Amplify services are simple to manage and integrate into React, iOS, Android, and other web frameworks like React Native.

4. Firehose


Firehose is suitable for those that want to build a real-time web application. It is very easy to use, and it does not need any complex protocols. However, developers will have to rely on the design principles of RESTful. Another useful thing is that you don’t need to start writing the entire application from the beginning. Instead, you can make use of simple sub-server codes which work with the JavaScript of the client-side.

5. Deployd


Deployd is one of the best Firebase alternatives. Since its an open-source, it has the ability to help developers to develop web and mobile applications without any problem. You can build, design, develop customize and also deploy application programming interfaces for any mobile app or web application. It also comes with a library and an API modular for the applications. Developers can easily test API while still developing the user interface of the application.

6. Atmosphere

The atmosphere is perfect for developing asynchronous web applications. Why I said so is because the framework provides both server and client-side components. Apart from that, it has support for Server-Sent Events (SSE), WebSockets, long-polling, and many more, which provide an easy atmosphere for developers to work on.

7. Game Sparks

game sparks

Game Sparks, just as the name suggests, is an amazing platform for developing games applications. It helps developers to manage and build the server-side components of their applications in an easy way. It contains some tools and great features for developing an attractive gaming application. One good thing about this Game Sparks is that it has a free subscription, while the paid plan starts at $299 per month.

8. Kuzzle


Kuzzle is an easy-to-use backend platform and also a powerful solution for IoT applications, web and mobile apps. It packs some good proposition based on rapid time for marketing which in turn helps developers to earn more money on their investment. It also has enough storage, multi-protocol API, and real-time functionality, which gives it an edge against others. The Kuzzle price starts from $1,200 per month.

9. Hood.ie


Hood.ie is another excellent platform that offers a self-hosted, simple javascript-based backend service for developers. It has a range of cool features which will help developers to manage multiple solutions in web development. It also has a developer’s community of Hoodie dedicated to supporting users and newbie developers.

10. Couchbase


Couchbase has a NoSQL document-oriented engagement database and distributed server that is designed for app development. It’s open-source, so it runs on-device and manages synchronization to the server for both IoT and mobile applications. Couchbase’s aim is to offer a large-scale application the ability to manage data and satisfy other requirements like analytics, query, unified programming interface, core database engine, search, and more.

It features powerful and yet simple APIs across connectors, multiple programming languages, and other great tools that will make it easy to build apps. Developers have the ability to add intelligence to apps by picking data access patterns, integrating data into their ecosystem, and using full-text search.

It also has an analytics component that provides query processing for developers to execute long-running queries. Another area where Couchbase has an edge over Firebase is that it supports NoSQL databases which can add more RAM, CPU capacity, and disk space as well.


These are all the best Firebase alternatives, and they are all open-source as well. Some are completely free to use, like the Couchbase, while others come with a monthly subscription. Now it’s over to you to choose the one that is best for you, which will solely depend on your project. However, you should also try and consider their support, maintenance, and integration capabilities before making your choice.