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Top tech startup founders you should learn from

There are a lot of startups that spring up everyday, some die off, while others bloom. The blooming of some startups could be as a result of the doggedness and creativity of their respective founders.

The purpose of this post is to make other tech founders, and emerging founders learn a thing or two from the life of these people. Who knows, that thing you take away could go a long way to shape you as a person, and by extension, your startup. Just stay with me.

Mark Essien

Mark Essien, founder hotels.ng

Mark Essien is the founder of hotel.ng, which is an online directory for as many hotels as you can think of in Nigeria. They give you the opportunity to book for hotels room online, erasing the stress of visiting these hotels one by one.

Mark being the startup founder has been an integral part of hotels.ng success. I can still remember when he first mentioned on Nairaland that he has received an investment. He expanded his startup to where it is presently.

Tayo Oviosu

Tayo Oviosu, founder Paga

As founder and CEO of Paga, Tayo’s part in Paga’s success is definitely immeasurable. Paga has more agents than all of the banks in Nigeria combined.

I once tweeted at him enquiring if he invests in ideas, and guess what? He replied and wrote “No, I don’t invest in ideas, I invest in people”. This is surely a take home orientation for us.

Jason Njoku

Jason Njoku, CEO irokoTV

Jason Njoku is CEO of Iroko TV, providing real and quality African movies to customers online. Jason has built the startup to an unarguable position of the biggest online platform for African movie contents.

Leke Ojikutu

Leke, CTO VoguePay

Leke Ojikutu is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of VoguePay. VoguePay is a pioneering online payment solution that offer buyers and sellers a secure and easy way to transact business online.

“After I finished school in 2002, I decided I wasn’t going for my Youth Service (NYSC) because if I did, my parents would force me to pursue Chemical Engineering on completion. That would actually derail my passion for tech entrepreneurship.

Lanre Akinlagun

Lanre Akinlagun, founder drinks.ng

Founder of Drinks.ng. The one time iROKOtv executive started Drinks.ng out of a passion for drinking and as a means of addressing the frustration with getting large quantity of drinks in Nigeria.

Talking on what inspired Drinks.ng, Lanre said that “In Nigeria, you have to go to some market in Lagos Island, outside in the open and hot weather. I took us 5 hours to get drinks sorted out.”

It is only wise of us if we take the path of successful startup founders, as we then find our own path too. Do you know any other startup founder that is worthy of emulation, please do mention him/her in the comment box. I’d be waiting.

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