Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device for free

transfer iPhone contacts to Android device
transfer iPhone contacts to Android device

The first question that users who switched from iPhone to Android ask is how to transfer phone numbers of contacts on Android from the iPhone. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it easily.

Periodically, each user changes his smartphone. Technologies develop, the most powerful and productive models appear on the market. What needs to be done before starting to work with a new device? Of course, we transfer our contacts from the old smartphone. 

And if the new model works on the same platform as the previous device, there are no problems. Access your account (for Android smartphones – Google, for iOS devices – iCloud) and all your contacts will be synchronized and stored in the memory of the new device. It is a bit more difficult to organize the transfer of contacts if you decide to change the phone’s operating system.

There are several ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. In this article, we will look at some of them that will help you deal with the activity as quickly and easily as possible. 

There was a time when contacts from one mobile platform to another were transferred to manual. Fortunately, smartphones can do most of the work for us today and the transfer takes place in no time.

What is the best way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android? Today I’ll show you the easiest ways to start using your smartphone as quickly as possible.

3 methods to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android for free

If you want to switch from iPhone to Android, the problem of transferring contacts will occur. This article will describe three easy ways to quickly transfer contacts from iOS to Android.

Method number 1 – Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via Gmail

In this method, I’ll tell you in detail how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using Gmail’s Gmail service. Take note that this is the easiest way.

First of all, you need a Google account to use your Android phone. If you don’t have one yet, go to the Google homepage and select the “create an account” option. You can also do it directly from your smartphone, but it’s more convenient to do it from a computer.

After creating your Google account, go to your iPhone settings and go to “Mail, contacts, calendars” in the menu. Here you need to log in to your Google account. Click the Add account button, select Gmail and enter your login information.

Then your iPhone will ask you which sections of your Google account you want to sync. Make sure the “Contacts” section is selected. Now your iPhone and Android smartphone will synchronize contacts with each other. Here you have to be patient and wait. If you have a lot of contacts, it may take some time. Make sure both smartphones are connected to the Internet to synchronize contacts.

It must be said that the iPhone will not inform you when your contacts are synchronized. To check their transfer, go to Google Contacts from your computer or other devices, log in to your account and check your contact list.

As soon as your contacts are synchronized, go to the address book on your Android smartphone and all contacts must be in place!

Method number 2- transferring contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud

If you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, even this way of transferring contacts from iPhone to Android won’t take long.

On the iPhone, go to Settings, select Mail, contacts, calendars, then select Account, where you’ll see iCloud. Select this option and slide the “Contacts” switch. Your iPhone will offer you to “Merge” the contacts on your device with iCloud.

Once this process is complete, go to using your computer’s web browser, sign in with your Apple ID, then select Contacts. Click the gear icon in the lower left corner, then click “Select All”. Next, click on the gear again and select “Export VCard …”.

Go to Google Contacts, select the “more” tab in the left navigation pane, select “Import”, select “Import from a CSV or vCard file”, then select the saved vCard file.

After importing, Google will display the number of contacts imported. At this stage, you may have duplicate contacts, but you can easily delete them.

Method n. 3 – Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via iTunes

If contacts are stored locally or you use an account other than Gmail, you can transfer them via iTunes from a computer to Windows or Mac.

First of all, connect the iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes and go to the iPhone control screen by clicking on the iPhone icon in the upper right corner. Open the “Details” tab, check the “Synchronize contacts with …” box. From the drop-down menu, select “Google Contacts”, then enter your Google Account information.

Once the iPhone has completed syncing, access your authorized Android device from your account and your contacts should already be there.


Honestly, it’s also possible to use a third-party application, but it seems to us that the best way to transfer contacts is one of the ways above.

There are probably many other ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, but the ones listed above are by far the easiest and fastest.

Do you have other ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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