TSTV launched in Nigeria – All you need to know about the Satellite TV


With the sole aim of completely overhauling the way and manner Nigerians watch TV while at the same time providing a whole new television experience, a Nigeria owned satellite TV company, Telecom Satellites TV (shortly pronounced with the acronym TSTV) has launched yesterday, October 1st, 2017; the country’s 57th year of Independence.

All you need to know about TSTV Africa

Telcom Satellites TV (TSTV Africa) is in partnership with to deliver a Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast service to Nigerians through its TSTV decoders. TSTV operations is based on what is known as HBB TV technology. The HBB technology is simply based on a combination of both satellite and internet service to provide TV shows and services.

TSTV Africa


One particularly new features that TSTV is bringing to the table which differentiates it from other TV services and networks (like StarTimes, GoTV, HiTV and DSTV) we have seen in the past is the introduction of the Pay-As-You-View service or Pay-As-You-View me or just simply Pay TV. What this implies it that you only Pay for what you watch.

Pause Subscription

You know how you travel to long distances away from home either on business or pleasure and your Pay TV subscription continues to read till it expires? Well, that won’t be happening on TSTV. Going on a business or holiday trip? No worries, you can pause or suspend your TSTV subscription till you return from your trip. Cool, isn’t it?

However, there a timeframe clause as to how long you can suspend or temporarily halt your subscription. A subscription can not be paused for more than a week i.e Seven (7) days. To me, this is fair enough.


The TSTV decoder plays multiple purposes and comes with special add-ons as seen below;

WI-FI / Hotspot

Another catching feature of the TSTV cable TV is the decoder it comes with. The TSTV decoder isn’t just like any other Pay TV decoder as it doubles as a Router; a WI-FI Hotspot.

Internal Storage

A massive 50 Gigabytes of built-in storage space comes with every TSTV decoder. This space is where all live TV show recordings are stored.

PVR feature

The TSTV decoder comes with a feature called PVR. This allows you to pause, play and rewind live TV shows. With this, you never get to miss any highlight of your favorite TV shows, games or sport. Although this feature is available on DSTV Exploration but it costs a fortune. TSTV is giving it out at a token.

Featured Channels

TSTV comes with over 200 channels of different varieties and categories.

TSTV Nigeria
Some TSTV Entertainment and News channels

Channels like CNN, BBCN ews, Al-Jazeera, Bloomberg, TVC News, Fox News, TV 360 Nigeria, Arise News, CCTV News, Channels News, and CTGN are on the TSTV network to provide you with the latest news and happenings both locally and around the world.

TSTV Africa

Are you a fan of weekend English Premier League football or isn’t weekdays Champion League football matches you are after? TSTV got you covered with numerous sports-focused channels like ESPN, Euro Sport, beIN sports, FOX sports, Kombat sports beIN NBA, amongst other.

TSTV Africa

Entertainment? Kids Channels? Adventures? Local and Foreign movies? Music? Music Videos? Documentaries? History Channels? Fashion TV? Health? Lifestyle Channels? Religion? No worries, TSTV have it all.

Subscription Plans, Rates and Prices

When I said TSTV is revolutionizing cable TV in Nigeria, I wasn’t talking about the services alone, subscription rates and prices are involved too. TSTV is by far, the cheapest Pay TV with the best of services and features. For as low as NGN 200, you can purchase a TV plan.

See full subscription prices below.

  • TSTV Monthly bouquet (30 days) costs NGN 3,000 and comes with 10 GB of data compensation.
  • TSTV 2 Weeks bouquet costs NGN 1,500 and comes with 5 GB of data compensation.
  • TSTV 10 days bouquet costs NGN 1,000 and comes with 3 GB of data compensation.
  • TSTV 7 days bouquet costs NGN 750 and comes with 2 GB of data compensation.
  • TSTV 3 days bouquet costs NGN 500 and comes with 1 GB of data compensation.
  • TSTV 1 day / 24 hour bouquet costs NGN 200 and comes with 500 MB of data compensation.
  • Addendum: Irrespective of whatever subscription plan you opt for, you gain access to all available channel.


TSTV Africa will function in 22 states in the country for the time being. Later in the future, expansion to all other states and African countries have been promised.

The 22 states that will enjoy TSTV Africa services include; Lagos, Abia, Anambra, Taraba, Bauchi, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Kaduna, Cross River, Ekiti, Edo, Niger, Kastina, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Rivers, Owerri, Plateau and Kano. The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is also inclusive.

To learn more about TSTV Africa, how to subscribe, where to buy a decoder, how to become a partner/agent, visit the official TSTV Africa website www.tstvafrica.com


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