TSTV Channels List, Frequencies and Symbol rates – 2022

TSTv Cable TV
TSTv Cable TV

Satellite TV is getting more popular in Nigeria. There are new companies with progressive offers. The number of channels is growing, and they are really worth your attention. Here we have TSTV frequency and symbol rate, so set your decoder and enjoy the programmes.

TSTV Africa has launched its services in some Africans countries on April 2018. TSTV is operated by ABS and Telcom Satellites TV. TSTV is a DTH pay TV that offers a rich blend of local and international channels and packages for your Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, Health etc and will be distributed on the ABS 3A Africa beam, located at 3 degrees west.

Why TSTV Nigeria?

The soon to be the largest satellite TV provider in Nigeria proposes a huge number of channels, the company will cover all the states at the nearest time. So, let’s see the main advantages of the company.

  • The company provides first Pay-As-You-Watch Cable TV in Nigeria;
  • There is a very convenient function of pause and play, you can save 50 GB of TV information on the decoder;
  • The company provides a huge number of channels, so everyone can find an interesting show or movie to watch;
  • Different packages allow everyone to subscribe at a cheap price;
  • The decoder is HBB TV tech-based with 4.5G.

TSTV channels/frequency change the new frequencies

Due to the instability of the original frequencies, especially 11052 H 30000, TSTV now operate on two new Frequencies and they are as follows:

  • Satellite name – TSTV Africa
  • Satellite position – ABS 3A @3W
  • Frequencies – 10972 V 30000 and 11007 V 30000, 11009 V 30000 and 11087 V 30000

Note – Please use 10972 V 30000 or 10975 V 30000 to track your decoder. Once you get a strong signal, blindscan. Similarly, If you blindscan the decoder you are using for your TSTV channels and you are still not getting all the 41 channels, please re-adjust your dish using the new frequency above.

TSTV channels/frequency change – Full channels list 2018

All working TSTV channels
1. WAP tv
2. Nta
3. Hits Africa
4. Bright tv
5. Mama Africa Hausa
7. Hitv Cameroon
9. Hits tv
10. Riwendu tv
11. Mama Africa
12. Mama Yoruba
13. Travelxp HD
14. Dubai one
15. Grande comedy
16. A1 Kids
17. Mama Africa Igbo
18. MBC 4
19. MBC Bollywood(Newly Added)
20. RT News21.
21. MBC Max
22. Mbc Action
23. Liberty tv
24. MBC 2
25. Channels tv
26. Fashionbox
27. Film box Africa
28. Docubox
29. Fightbox
30. Aljazeera
31. CGTN
32. Fastnfunbox
33. AIT
34. TVC entertainment
35. TVC News
36. TRT World
37. RT
38. Zoomo
39. Love nature
40. Grande sports 1(Newly added)
41. Grande sports 2(Newly Added)
42 Grande sports 3(Newly Added)

TSTV now has about 42 channels in all. However, some of these channels are not opening. The list of the channels that are not opening are as follows:

  • DTV4
  • RT
  • France 24
  • TBN
  • Mama Africa
  • Igbo
  • Dubai one

Note – addition or removal of channels can be done at any time without prior notice to the viewers. If anything changes in the next couple of months, I shall sure update the house. In the meantime, keep enjoying TStv as an FTA package while their team works on how to get their acts together as regards commercial launch of their product.

TSTV Nigeria price

TSTV Decoder and a dish will cost you 5000. The decoder gives you the ability to watch more than 100 channels + 20GB of data, and the function of video calls.

Here we have the list of TSTV packages:

  • TSTV Monthly Bouquet for N3000
  • TSTV 2 Weeks Bouquet for N1500
  • TSTV 10 Days Bouquet for N1000
  • TSTV Weekly Bouquet for N700
  • TSTV 3 Days Bouquet for N500
  • TSTV Daily Bouquet for N200

As you can see, the packages and prices are suitable for every kind of users, so try the quality cable TV by TSTV Nigeria.


  1. Comment: can you guarantee the people of Nigeria that a complete Epl matches is shown on this platform with clear HD quality view any time any day in respect of any whether condition. When purchasing your products,do you have a good qualified tech who will do installation parts and attend to any decoder fault if one comes up like my region Akwa Ibom state. lastly, I will like you to score yourself. At what percentage will you say your network is friendly to air in AkwaIbom state.


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