How To Turn Any Non-Touch Laptop Screen Into A Touch Screen

Do you fancy the idea of turning your non-touch laptop screen into a touch screen capable of all the gestures found on laptop displays with touchscreen? Yes, you can. This might sound like fiction to your ears, but it is actually possible with technology.  A company saw this need and invented a device which they called “AirBar” that can instantly transform your laptop screen into a touch screen.

Technical specifications of the AirBar

Width – 5 mm
Length – 373 mm
Height – 17 mm (require 20mm mounting surface for 3 mm between AirBar  and display)
Cable length – 243 mm
Weight – 55g
Display supported – maximum of 15.6”, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, can also work with 11.6″, 13.3″ and 14″ screens

Different versions of the AirBar
Different versions of the AirBar


How does the AirBar works?

The Airbar is a piece of magnetic strip that you can attach to your laptop, giving it touchscreen capabilities. Neonode Inc –the manufacturers of AirBar – say that the AirBar works its wonders by projecting an invisible field of light on the surface of your display making it possible to interact with the screen as if it was a native touchscreen. It gives your screen the capability to understand Windows 8 and 10 touch screen gestures.

Using a brush on the AirBar
Using a paintbrush with the AirBar

They explained on their website – – that this innovation is made possible with their zForce AIRTM technology, which can be used for really cool stuffs. The AirBar allows you to use virtually any material on your PC display to interact with it; whether you are using painting brushes or you are wearing gloves on your hands, your screen still responds to the touches.

How to use the AirBar device to instantly transform your laptop screen into a touch screen

The device is a plug-and-touch device not needing any installations or calibrations to work; all you need to do is to attach the AirBar to your laptop and plug into a USB port and you are good to go.
However, ensure that you mount the bar straight from one edge of your laptop to the other and plug the AirBar into a USB port.


Using the AirBar
Using the AirBar


Caveat – your PC must be running on Windows 8 or Windows 10 or the ChromeOS to use the AirBar.


With only $79 you can transform your laptop screen into a touch-screen with this amazing piece of technology and it is simple to setup and use not requiring any technical know-how. To order an AirBar, simply log on to their website on This device is also available for Macbook Air users but not for other Macbooks.

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