Twitter Announces Paid Super Follows, Communities Features

These are interesting times for Twitter users. The online social media giant has announced paid follows to let users charge for tweets, and it is also planning a groups feature. Twitter has revealed a mock-up of its Super Follows feature in images that can be seen in this post.

The new changes are summarized by Twitter as the ability for users to charge their followers for access to additional content, and the capability of creating and joining groups on the platform. The groups will be based on specific interests. These changes promise to be the biggest coming to Twitter in recent times.

Users have praised the upcoming idea, seeing that Twitter has always been on the lookout for the best ways to monetize the platform. Some users are also saying these new models fit perfectly into models that have been in use and popular on other social media platforms.

Twitter Announces Super Follow Allowing Users To Charge For Tweets 920x340
Twitter Announces Super Follow Allowing Users To Charge For Tweets

The extra content that Twitter users will provide and charging their followers could be bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating follower support.

Twitter has shown an example in a mockup screenshot where a user charges $4.99 monthly to receive series of perks. In this way, the Twitter team is allowing creators or publishers to get paid by their fans in a direct way.

We can’t tell exactly if the Twitter Communities will be a reply to Facebook groups. One thing for sure is that making use of direct payment tools like Patreon, Facebook, YouTube, and GitHub have done. It seems Twitter will take its cut as that is part of the business.

The company has been talking about subscription features that will offer a new source of revenue. It is unclear what form that will take for now. The time for the new features to go into effect is still unknown.

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