How to Unlock All Huawei and ZTE Modems with DC-Unlocker

how to unlock modem with DC Unlocker
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Connections to the internet are really fast and enjoyable. Quite sure you can attest to this, and you are not the only one in the know on this. Network providers are quite aware of the importance and seem to make attempts to monopolize internet devices, like modems, through restrictions against their competition. This guide is on how to unlock modems and we’ll be focusing on two popular modem brands, if not the only two you know, Huawei and ZTE. You will get to understand how you can scale through these restrictions and unlock Huawei and ZTE modems for seamless access to different network provider data plans.

There is every possibility that the modem you have now is either a Huawei Modem or a ZTE Modem. Regardless, most network providers that provide these modems insist on locking them to their network only. I don’t know why they do this, but I know it is quite frustrating having a working Modem and not being able to tap into some of the latest cheap data plans from other network providers. Well, here is your solution, unlock the Modem.

What is a Modem?

A modem is a device that sends and receives digital data as analog signals over a telephone line. Basically, it converts digital data to analog audio signals, transmits it over a telephone line, and also receives analog signals and converts them back to digital signals. 

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Picture of a USB Modem

Are Modems the same as Routers?

You might confuse a modem for a router, but they are two similar yet different things. Since we are looking at how to unlock a modem and not a router, you must know what you are dealing with. They are both similar in the sense that both are used for connection purposes. But the difference lies in the connection works and what it is for. A modem connects to a wide area network (WAN) or what you know as the internet. A router on the other hand connects a local area network (LAN).

A modem, just like your mobile devices, requires a SIM card to work. But most modems come as locked hardware devices that are restricted to only work with SIM cards from a single cellular network provider. This means if you use a SIM card from another cellular network provider, it will not work as the modem will not accept it.

If you have four different SIM cards from four different cellular network providers and just a single locked modem, restricted to just one of the SIM cards. To use your different SIM cards in a modem would mean having four different modems, one for each SIM card, or having a universal modem that accepts all SIM cards. While these are possible solutions, they are quite expensive considering that you can still use your locked modem for all your SIM cards. You just have to unlock it and below is a detailed procedure on how to do that with DC-Unlocker. But first, let’s know a bit about this software.

What is DC-Unlocker?

DC Unlocker is a software program developed by UAB Digitek that is specifically meant for unlocking phones, modems and routers. There are many things you can do with this unlocking software, like generate codes, reset lock counters, unlock bootloader and unlock data cards. You can read firmware code, generate unlock code by IMEI, generate firmware code by IMEI, or even lock the bootloader and a lot of other functions. Aside from the software, there is also a DC-Unlocker dongle, something like a flash drive, that can be connected to a computer via the USB port. It also is used for unlocking but more specifically for unlocking data cards.

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DC-Unlocker logo

Quite easy to use with an interface that even a newbie can easily figure out and navigate. DC-Unlocker only uses a standard USB cable, so chill, you are not buying any special cord that takes weeks to order and deliver maybe. You also do not have to worry about selecting a COM port, DC-Unlocker can detect that.

How to Unlock Modem using DC-Unlocker

  • Open the DC Unlock software on your computer. If you don’t have it, download and install it.
  • Insert a SIM card from another unsupported carrier network. If you are using a Huawei Modem, there is no need to change SIM cards.
  • Now plug in your modem to your PC and wait for a little while for the autodetect function to kick in and show your device.
  • If it doesn’t, type in your modem’s IMEI number. This is a 15 digit number somewhere on the modem casing. If you don’t find it, here is how to find it
  • Select the model of your USB modem or just leave it for auto selection. Yes, DC-Unlocker can identify and do that. Go to the manufacturer, select the modem type and then click auto-detect under modem model.

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    DC-Unlocker interface screenshot

  • Click on the calculate button and wait momentarily for the software to work out an unlock code for your modem.
  • Once done, your unlock code and flash code will be shown on the window. Use the flash code if you want to flash your modem.

And that is how you get to unlock your locked modem. In just seconds you are done.

How to check your modem IMEI number

The IMEI number, short for International Mobile Equipment Identity number, is a 15 digit number that acts as a unique fingerprint identification of devices that make use of carrier networks. On your modem, the IMEI is usually on the modem pack and also on the modem itself. So if maybe your modem pack is no longer available and the IMEI on your modem is no longer there, no worries here is how to check for it.

  • Plug in your modem to your PC
  • Wait for it to come up, initialize, or whatever modems do best. Once ready it should show a network signal.
  • Find and click on Settings or Tools on the modem interface.
  • Now click on the system and click the Diagnostic button and you should see your IMEI below the hardware information box. Depending on your modem and network carrier, it can be different here. So if you see Device status, click on it and you will see your IMEI.
  • For some, after clicking diagnostic, the information is organized in a tab category. Click on Device to access your IMEI number.


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