“USB Port Moisture Detected” How To Fix The Error On Samsung Galaxy Devices

Moisture Detected Error Galaxy device
Moisture Detected Error Galaxy device

When recharging the battery did you receive the message “USB port moisture detected” on your Samsung smartphone? In this guide, we will see how to fix the error on Samsung Galaxy devices, so as to allow you to recharge the phone without any problem. If you have a Samsung device like a Galaxy S7/S8/S9, Note 8, Note 9, or Note 10, you must know that the manufacturer has classified these devices as water-resistant with IP68 certification which guarantees resistance to water sprays and dust as long as the device is not submerged to depths greater than 1.5 meters and that is not kept immersed for a period exceeding 30 minutes, furthermore, certain behaviors could make the resistance to liquids less effective, such as the immersion of the device in salt water, ionized water or alcoholic beverages as they could inevitably lead to an entry of liquid fast.

The level of impermeability is questionable, there are people in fact who used the Samsung at the sea and after a few tens of centimeters of immersion, the phone started to show the first problems of malfunction caused by water. So be careful not to exceed the depth limits set by the manufacturer or the liquid in which the phone is immersed or you could find yourself with serious damage to the device, even if it is classified as water-resistant. Several people have had the opportunity to experience the immersion of the smartphone in water, others have kept the phone in a very humid place, finding themselves at the time of recharge with a message on the display of the Samsung phone with the writing USB port moisture detected and in this case any attempt to recharge the smartphone battery will be impossible. In this guide, we will see all the methods that can be used to bring the device back to its normal functioning.

The IP68 certification indicates that Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S7 / S8 / S9, Note 8, Note 9, or Note 10 can manage water pressure up to 1.5 meters deep and for a duration of 30 minutes, preventing damage both if accidentally wet or immersed in water. However, by immersing the smartphone in the water on its own, it could still cause damage to the phone, as the resistance of the device to the liquid may depend on many factors and if one of these fails the warranty in case of need, it may not be responsible for failure. We see below all the methods and tricks that you can try if you received the USB Port moisture detection message on a Samsung device when trying to recharge the battery.


If your Samsung device has detected moisture in the USB port, the only thing you can do initially is to wait. Often, after a while, everything returns to normal, but if this does not happen, I advise you to continue reading to see what other possible solutions can be adopted

Use tissue paper

Tissue paper has properties that allow it to absorb moisture. You can try putting some in the refill door and wait for the moisture to be absorbed. If necessary, repeat the procedure until the moisture is no longer detected by the phone

Blow with compressed air

If there is moisture in the connection and you cannot remove it with absorbent tissue paper, you can try blowing into the charging port using a compressed air canister or a compressor without exaggerating with the pressure, the important thing is that it is not present moisture in the sprayed air. It could be enough to solve the problem.

Check the liquid damage indicator

Samsung devices are equipped with a sticker (LDI or Liquid Damage Indicator) which indicates in case of color change if the device has come into contact with liquids. To check its status, remove the SIM card tray and look for a small sticker around the SIM slot. If this sticker is white it means that the phone has not been in contact with any liquid, while if red, pink or purple it means that there has been contact with some liquid. In the video below you can see how you control a Samsung S8:

If the sticker shows a different color from white, immediately bring the phone to service, it would be useless to lose more time because the damage could be more serious than expected.

Clean cable and charger

Sometimes the problem may not be right in the phone but in the cable or charger of the smartphone where moisture was detected. Try a little tissue paper to see if you can absorb presumed traces of moisture in the connections.

Ignore the error and use this trick to start charging

But be careful, this solution will only need to be used if you are sure that the phone has not been submerged in water, that it has not taken up moisture, that it has not been splashed with water or other liquids. Only in such cases, if you see the error in the USB port detected inexplicably on your phone, you can try this simple trick that allows the Samsung device to ignore the detected moisture error and allow the battery to recharge:

  • Connect the smartphone to the charger
  • When you receive the moisture error message detected on the screen, restart the device with the charger still connected
  • After rebooting, the device will begin to recharge the battery normally

Try charging in safe mode

The error shown as a warning in the presence of moisture in the USB port on Samsung devices is not shown instead if you start the phone in safe mode. To be able to restart a Samsung smartphone in safe mode, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Press and hold the Power button
  • When you see the Samsung Logo displayed on the screen, immediately release the power button and press the Volume Down button
  • Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device restarts completely
  • If everything has been done correctly the device will now start in safe mode
  • Try connecting the charger and see if you can now recharge the battery

Check that there are no visible damage to the port

The USB charging port may have suffered damage and if you notice one or more damaged pins, you would have little to do, if not bring the device in assistance to have it repaired. Do not take any action because otherwise, you could make the situation worse.

Reset the device to factory status with a reset

If you are sure that on your Samsung smartphone there are no possible damages caused by diving in liquids, if you are sure that the phone has not been in contact with liquid splashes and high moisture, you can try as a last resort to reset the phone to try to eliminate the moisture detection error when recharging. Follow the steps below to reset a Samsung device to factory status:

  • Make a backup of your most important data
  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Press and hold the button Volume + Bixby, then press the button of Ignition
  • After the Android logo appears, release all the keys
  • You will now see the Recovery options appear
  • Use the volume keys to highlight the Clear data/Restore factory settings option
  • Press the Power key to select
  • Use the Volume button to confirm
  • At the end of the process, restart the device

These are the methods and tricks you can try to solve the moisture error detected in the USB port on Samsung devices. Usually when this error is detected just wait and everything resolves on its own, but if this is not enough, in this guide you will find all the useful tips that could help you find a solution to the problem. If you know of any other effective system, we would like to meet you with your comment, we could add it to the guide to help users who are unable to recharge a Samsung smartphone because of the error “USB port moisture detected“.


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