How To Use Android Smartphone Torch

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There always comes a time when you need to use your smartphone as a torch light. Your smartphone cannot be a replacement for a LED Maglight or a real torch. But anyway, it can still help in situations where you need a source of light such as a torch.

Before now, most Android phones that come with flashlights don’t usually come with an app which you would use to turn the flashlight ON. You would need to download a torch app which you will then use to turn your Android phone flashlight ON.

Well now, almost all Android phones come with their default flashlight app, so you do not need to download any torch app anymore. Below, we will talk about the different ways which you can use to turn on your Android phone flashlight.

How To Turn ON Flashlight Using the Torch Widget

A widget is a small shortcut, usually bigger than app icons which can be added to the Android Home Screen to access apps going straight to particular sections of the app. Widgets can also be used to run certain actions on an app without even opening the apps. With the torch widget on your Home Screen, you can turn your Android smartphone’s flashlight ON and OFF with just a tap on the widget. With the guide below, you will learn how to add the torch widget to your Android smartphone Home screen.

  • Turn ON your Android smartphone.
  • Tap and hold a free space on your home screen until “widgets” “wallpapers” and “home screen settings” appear from below the screen.
  • Tap on Widgets
  • Browse through the widgets until you see the torch widget
  • Tap on the widget, and if there is enough space on your home screen, it will appear in available space, but if there isn’t, you will have to either create space or put it on another screen.
  • Whenever you need to use the flashlight, you just need to tap on the widget and to turn it off, also tap on the widget.

The same method also works for other launchers except that some require slightly different methods.

How to Turn on Android smartphone Flashlight Using The Notification Bar

On some Android smartphones, the flashlight icon appears in the notification bar. You can turn the flashlight ON by swiping down the notification bar and then tapping on the torch icon. To put it out, you just need to tap the icon again.

You can also turn on the flashlight by going to the torch app on the app menu.



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