Viva Connections – Microsoft’s New Workplace Portal

Microsoft Viva Connections Via Microsoft 1
Microsoft Viva Connections Via Microsoft 1

Microsoft is still working on making workplaces across the world a better place. With the new curated Viva connections, employees can now experience better collaborations. The app is intended to inform and engage employees by ‘delivering relevant company-wide content directly in Microsoft Teams. It was released at the recent Microsoft Ignite 2021 event.’

At the event, experts and stakeholders discussed how employees can work making use of the latest innovations in technology.

Viva was released last month and is known as the employee experience platform. It is positioned as a launchpad for workers to benefit maximally from team communications, as it is a habit-forming to which can enhance the workday experience and access to learning resources.

Some who were present at the virtual event said it is also a turbocharged home page or desktop environment combined with a personal assistant.

Microsoft Viva Software
Microsoft Viva Software

Microsoft highlighted the four modules of Viva back in February. They are as follows:

Connections – This provides a curated company-centric experience including news, conversations, and other resources.

Insights – This is expected to bring Microsoft Workplace Analytics and Microsoft Analytics into Viva. It should give users insights including a virtual commute, an integration with Headspace for meditation, and mindfulness. There will also be an opportunity for Microsoft Viva Learning.

Learning – This is an app in Teams that creates a central hub for learning where people can access training or assign it to others. It is ultimately headed to link with LinkedIn Learning.

Topics – This is intended to surface content and expertise across the workplace to enable the connection between the employees.

Viva has now moved into Microsoft 365 as part of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s Vice President Jared Spataro said that focusing on employee experiences is a critical step in a post-pandemic business world is very important. The app will also reduce the huge spending organizations make over employee experience.


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