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VOYO VBOOK i7 Plus – Surface clone with 3K touchscreen & i7 CPU for 600 €

The VOYO VBOOK i7 Plus is not the cheapest surface clone. However, here, compared to the previous clones of Jumper or CHUWI, newer and faster hardware was installed. How exactly the VBOOK i7 Plus was configured, you can find out here!

Technical specifications

model VOYO VBOOK i7 Plus
display size 12.6 inch 3K IPS Touchscreen (2880 x 1920)
processor Intel i7 7500U @ 2.7 – 3.5 GHz
graphic card Intel HD Graphics 620
random access memory 8GB DDR4 RAM (expandable up to 16GB)
Internal memory 256GB M.2 SSD
battery pack 10200 mAh; 5-6 hours
camera 2 MP front camera, 5 MP rear camera
connections Dual WiFi 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz, 802.11b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth
Dimensions 30.57 x 21.70 x 0.97 cm
mass 0.9 kg
operating system Windows 10 Home


If you compare the VOYO VBOOK i7 Plus with the current CHUWI SurBook or the JUMPER EZpad 6 Pro, the surface clone of VOYO is significantly more expensive with a price of about 550-600 €. This is mainly due to the more powerful hardware. For example, while CHUWI and Jumper use 64GB eMMC memory, VOYO can choose between a 128 GB or 256 GB M.2 SSD, which enables faster read and write speeds and up to four times the storage capacity.

Also, the RAM is significantly larger with 8GB DDR4 RAM, this can also be expanded to up to 16GB. The used Intel i7 7500U @ 2.7 – 3.5 GHz processor is already slightly dusty, but at least only since mid-2016 on the market. Among other things, the fast dual-core notebook processor can also be found in the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 inches from 2017.

The comparatively high-performance processor also offers a better graphics chip with the Intel HD Graphics 620. Although these onboard graphics chipsets are not really comparable with a real graphics card, they should be fine for smaller games and smooth playback of FULL HD content.

The 3K IPS display, which resolves with 2880 x 1920 pixels, has a size of 12.6 inches. Meanwhile, in other models (even the Xiaomi Mi notebook) so far only a FULL HD resolution. How well the IPS panel, which VOYA installed, is actually, will show.


The VOYO VBOOK i7 Plus has a solid selection of ports for a tablet of this size. This includes:

  • DC charging port
  • 2x USB-A 3.0
  • 1x USB-C 3.1
  • Micro HDMI
  • Micro-SD card slot
  • 3.5mm jack connection

If you do not have any further connections, you have the option to use a HUB with further connections via the USB-C port.

Keyboard and Stylus Pen

The keyboard of the VOYO VBOOK i7 Plus, which simultaneously displays screen covers for the 12.6-inch display, is a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard including TouchPad.

The available stylus pen for the VBOOK i7 supports 2048 pressure levels, twice as many as the CHUWI SurBook.


The technical data of the Surface clone read in my opinion very well. The Surface clone is technically up to date and significantly more powerful than the competition of CHUWI or Jumper. Even the CHUWI CoreBook, which will be available in the China stores in the coming months, is inferior.

It remains to be seen how well VOYO manages to cool the Intel i7 7500U, with an apparently closed case. Should this be deficient, this slows down the entire system unnecessarily. The processing quality of the aluminum housing plays a role for me, which is currently not predictable.

However, if the issues mentioned are soundly resolved, the VOYO VBOOK i7 is a powerful alternative to previous Surface cloning, at a reasonable price.

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