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WalkingPad R1, this is Xiaomi’s new folding treadmill

The catalog of solutions of the Asian manufacturer does not stop growing. The firm is used to offering all kinds of solutions, in addition to its powerful telephony division. Headphones, thermos, water purifiers, and smart lamps are the order of the day. And now, it’s the new Xiaomi folding treadmill.

Under the name of WalkingPad R1, this model has been able to see the light thanks to the agreement between Xiaomi and the manufacturer King Smith, specialized in this type of solutions, with the aim of being able to launch this folding treadmill that points ways to be one of the best solutions to consider, if you want to play sports and do not have much space in your home.

More than anything because this static tape has dimensions of 150 x 72 x 90 cm when deployed. But, when you are not using it, you can fold the Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 to reduce its measurements to just 98 x 72 x 15.5 cm. Yes, an achievement that makes this new gadget from the manufacturer, available through its Youpin collective financing store, is a real boost in sales.

A treadmill that lacks nothing

To say that, in addition to having a folding design, it offers some high-quality aesthetic details. For starters, it is made of aluminum, to provide the new Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 with quality finishes. On the other hand, say that at the bottom it has some wheels that will allow you to transport it in a very comfortable way. A detail to be thankful for, more considering that it weighs 33 kilograms.

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On the front of this treadmill is where the LED panel is located that will allow us to see any type of parameter, such as the distance traveled, the speed we carry or the time that has passed since we have begun to perform our physical activity.

No, in this case, we will not find the typical panel located in the grips. More than anything because the new Xiaomi folding treadmill wants to minimize its dimensions. So how to control this device? Well, you have two options- use its complete application, where you can set the speed and time of the exercise using your mobile phone, or use the remote control that includes this Xiaomi WalkingPad R1.

More details of the Xiaomi WalkingPad R1

Say you have three different modes. If you do not lift the grips, you can automatically activate the walking mode. In this way, the tape will allow you to move at a maximum speed of 6 kilometers per hour. Does it touch the body? Then lift the grip and start running on this static tape, reaching 10 kilometers per hour. Note that in its grips it has a small slot where you can place the mobile phone, ideal if you want to watch a video to entertain yourself while you exercise.

In addition, the manufacturer has thought about the danger of any treadmill for our ankles. Therefore, it has integrated a system of different layers so that, through a damping system, our joints do not suffer any damage during jogging, being able to withstand maximum loads of 110 kilograms. Its price? Now you can buy for 2399 yuan, about 305 euros to change.

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