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sky tv
sky tv

Tired of losing your favorite series because you do not have a Sky subscription? Are you passionate about documentaries but generalist networks provide very little about it? Do you adore Sky reality shows but are you forced to pay to see them? From today, you can watch Sky for free. The thing may appear to the most highly unlikely skeptics but actually watching Sky for free, without subscribing to any subscription, is possible. All you will need is a Windows computer and a fast Internet connection. The rest is a breeze. So let’s see how to watch Sky for free from your PC and enjoy free time viewing the best channels of the Sky package at no cost.

This guide is for informational and demonstrative purposes only and we are not responsible for the incorrect use of these techniques.

The first thing to do to see Sky PC free is to download the famous VLC player that will act as a “television” on your computer. At this point it will be necessary to download a second program, always totally free, called ” LuPoRtMp “. It will be this software to allow clear viewing of Sky channels but also those Mediaset and Rai, absolutely free.

Then proceed to download the program, not before being assured that the other software, VLC player, is already properly installed and running on our PC. At this point, once you have downloaded “LuPoRtMp” you will need to extract the files contained in it by simply transporting them to a folder that we have previously created on the desktop. As soon as we start the program we will not have, by default, the ability to view Sky channels. Do not worry, it’s absolutely normal.

To enable the viewing of our favorite Sky channels you will not need to do anything else but select the “Extra” item from the screen and write the words “Sector extra” in the editable space, taking care to respect spaces and capital letters as written here. At this point, the program will be closed and reopened. When you restart the program you will notice a new section that did not exist before – this is your new list of added Sky channels including Fox Crime, Cinema, and many others.

To watch a channel just click on its name twice and in a few moments, the VLC player will start. The video and audio quality is really excellent and you will not be spoiled for choice on the channels to see and on your favorite series to follow even without a subscription.


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