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WE.LOCK Smart Lock – lock the front door with your fingerprint

We.Lock is the name of a young Chinese startup that has been in the market world for ten years. Over time, this company has specialized in the manufacture of technological and cutting-edge metal objects, thus becoming a leader in the home security sector.

The latest creation is a fingerprint-proof lock. You read that right! The lock-in question allows you to open the front door only if the fingerprint entered corresponds to that recorded in the memory of this device.

What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is a device that allows you to remotely manage the locking and unlocking of your front door via a mobile app, a keypad, and in this case also via your fingerprint. This type of lock typically replaces a traditional key with a keypad so you can control the deadbolt lock with a pin, fingerprint, or a mobile app.

Some smart locks can be set to be locked at specific times, while others can integrate with smart home devices, unlocking the door and turning on the smart lights at the same time. Smart locks are also programmable and can be equipped with temporary pins for family, friends, caretakers, and other guests.

We Lock Smart Lock
We Lock Smart Lock

Contrary to popular belief, installing this device is quick and easy. The digital lock will arrive directly at your home equipped with everything you need to put it into operation, with a few gestures you can replace the usual and antiquated lock with the new one, and in just five minutes you can configure it with your smartphone.

We Lock
We Lock

It is universal and therefore compatible with any type of door equipped with a single opening lock. It will make everything more functional, freeing you from the weight of the keys and the fear of losing them at any time.

The assembly phase requires the following steps:

  • Remove the old cylinder from the previous lock;
  • Insert the new cylinder;
  • Screw in the relevant screws.
We Lock Smart Lock Types
We Lock Smart Lock Types

The new smart lock from We.Lock is also able to work remotely, using a remote control or simply an application that can be installed on your smartphone.

We Lock Smart Lock With Fingerprint
We Lock Smart Lock With Fingerprint

This could be very useful if an acquaintance of yours urgently needs to enter your home without having previously registered his fingerprint in the memory of the new lock. In these cases, remotely, you can enable the fingerprint of the person in question, which will subsequently be deleted after a few minutes.

In order for the front door to be controlled via the app, it is necessary to activate Bluetooth, so that if we are in another room, or as often happens in the bathroom, we can still open the door without necessarily having to stop making our own what’s this.

The We.Lock lock can also work with simple voice commands, which are very useful if, for example, someone knocks on the door of the house and it is not possible to open at that moment, perhaps because they are busy in the shower or in any other room.


In the package you will find:

  • Ai.one Smart Lock;
  • Two hex keys;
  • TV remote;
  • Pin for device reset;
  • Manual.

This lock is equipped with a motion sensor capable of detecting impacts or attempts to force it, and when this happens, the device immediately sends an alarm notification to the smartphone connected to it.

To be even more sure that they are not false alarms, it would be a good idea to associate a video camera with this lock, you will have everything really under control and proof of thieves!

Resistant to thieves and bad weather

The WE.LOCK Smart Lock has been designed and manufactured with safety as a priority. Developed for home security, the WE.LOCK Smart Lock is the first line of defense to protect your home and family. The WE.LOCK Smart Lock is equipped with a stainless steel bolt, which is the strongest material used for locks.

WE.LOCK Smart Lock has complete protection from people and bad weather thanks to its IP44 degree of protection. With its IP44 weather protection rating, it can withstand all weather and climatic conditions.

We Lock Smart
We Lock Smart
We Lock Smart Lock Has Complete Protection
We Lock Smart Lock Has Complete Protection

In the event that the main battery of the lock should run out, an internal battery that has an autonomy of ten releases will be activated automatically. In any case, the status of the main battery can be checked at any time via your smartphone if you have the application.

If you already have a home system like the one provided by Google or Alexa, adding the We.Lock smart lock with fingerprint will make your home 100% technological and avant-garde!

Welock can not only allow access for others and control blocking via the mobile app but is also fully compatible with Amazon’s Google Assistant and Alexa. Just say “Alexa, unlock my room” or “Echo, unlock your room”.

Pairing the lock with the Google Assistant takes one minute. Open the door saying “Google, turn on Welock”. Check your door with Google Assistant.

The most multifunctional way to unlock your door model

It is possible to insert up to 999 fingerprints, of which 996 for users and 3 for administrators, and the latter will be stored in blocks in order to prevent any type of attack by any hacker.

Several remote controls can be associated with the digital lock, for a maximum of 8.

The application to be installed is that of We.Lock, supported by both Android and iOS. Then you can proceed with the registration by creating your account via e-mail, once this is done you will have to activate the Bluetooth and that’s it.

How We.Lock Smart Lock works

YouTube video

The value for money is excellent, considering that it is possible to buy the latest smart lock for about € 250, a cost that often decreases thanks to the various offers related to this article. You have to take into account that safety and comfort are priceless, so it’s reassuring to know that you can get both for only around € 250.

Discounted by 31% until January 13, with a saving of about € 80, for a total of more or less € 180. Hurry up!

So, if you are looking for safety and comfort, you have finally found what is right for you!

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