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If you are a true star wars fan, we recommend that you visit these 5 websites. So have fun and may the force be with you!

The Star Wars saga is much more than a franchise made up of films, novels, comics, video games, and toys based on the fictional universe created by George Lucas more than forty years ago.

Star Wars is an entire religion for millions of people around the world and has become an essential link in pop culture.

The saga is constantly updated with new movies and spin-offs that connect plots and complement stories about the series’ most beloved characters. information about some characters and plots.

There is no shortage of books, animated series, and TV series such as the acclaimed The Mandalorian, broadcast on the Disney Plus streaming service.

But for a true fan, all this cannot be enough. Fortunately, there are official websites, forums, YouTube channels and social media profiles that provide much more information, knowledge and trivia about the Star Wars universe.

Five websites for Star Wars fans

If you are looking for specific places where you can read and inform yourself about everything related to the adventures that take place in the galaxy “far, far away” read on as we have selected the best Internet sites for star wars fans.

Star Wars Official Site

To be informed about everything that happens on the star wars world we can go to its official website where we can get information on all the news in films, video game series, official events and on the community itself.

One of its most interesting sections is a database where we can see files with a description of all the characters that appear in movies and TV series.

We can filter by characters, creatures, droids, locations, organizations they belong to, species and even search for vehicles, weapons, technology and much more.


The official site of the most tenacious Star Wars fandom could not be missing from this list. Wookieepedia- The Star Wars  Wiki is the equivalent of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia where we can get all the information about the Star Wars universe and any topic related to it.

The logo on this website is a fusion of the Death Star from the sixth film and the Wikipedia logo. It contains extremely comprehensive articles and its mission is to collect everything possible from the Star Wars universe and keep the information constantly updated.


This was previously the official fansite of the saga, back in the days of the prequels. It is currently still active and although it continues to offer a lot of content, the site design has become a bit outdated. Even so, it remains a great place to find all kinds of up-to-date information, news and rumors about the world of star wars.


And speaking of rumors and leaks, in one of the most famous news and content aggregators on the network, Reddit, we found a subreddit dedicated only to star wars leaks. We also have a subreddit dedicated only to memes related to the franchise and a general one in which information of all kinds is shared.

Link to the general subreddit. Check out the  Star Wars Leaks subreddit. And this is the link for the meme subreddit.

Fantha Tracks

Another interesting page made by and for fans that contain most of the news and rumors that come out daily. Also, one of its biggest advantages over other fansites is that all the information they publish has almost no clickbait and contains very few spoilers, so you can browse it with complete peace of mind.

It has several sections that include information on news, official events, podcasts, interviews with actors, directors and other related artists, and also a section where they write and publish reviews of films, series and books.

Jedi Temple Archives

This is a site dedicated to collectors of all kinds of Star Wars related items. On the site, you can find reviews of toys of all kinds, collectibles from the oldest to the most current and a gallery with pictures of all those that have been put up for sale.

Additionally, the Jedi Temple Archives announce when and where these rare pieces go on sale, report on coverage of trade shows, international events (Comic-Con, Toy Fair, Star Wars Celebration), and special reports on pieces that are very difficult to find. ..

Star Wars Italy

For Italian-language fans, this is a similar site to those listed above. We can find different sections with news, curiosities and insights related to films, TV series, books, comics, merchandising and videogames. New content is uploaded every day, so you can stay informed constantly without missing any important news.

Official Star Wars social channels

In this age of social networking, we could not put aside those who deal with the George Lucas saga. To understand the importance of these two accounts, just look at the number of followers- almost 2 million.

The Twitter profile usually publishes news taken from the official website. In case you are one of those who keep themselves informed using this social network, you just have to follow it to receive in your history the most important news they publish every day.

In the case of Instagram, the profile offers a lot more visual content. Among his latest releases are information on official merchandising in Reels format, backstage photos, new trailers, illustrations, memes, drawings, and much more.

Official Twitter account.

Official Instagram Account.


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