Best 8 Websites to Download Song Lyrics (LRC) in 2022

Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics

Have you just listened to a beautiful song on the radio and are you looking for websites where you can download lyrics or LRC files? Here is a list of services that will help you in your search.

If you love karaoke with the best apps and you want to download the lyrics of the songs on your PC, smartphone, or tablet then you need to know that on the net you can find many services that will allow you to discover the complete lyrics of the songs you love most, both the most recent and the usual successes. You can search by title, artist, words, and more and save and print the texts found in a text file (doc, txt, etc.).

Websites to download song lyrics

Although each service offers different characteristics, I have tried to report the best websites where to download song lyrics including, at the end of the article, the best song lyrics apps that can facilitate your search even from a mobile device.

1. MetroLyrics


MetroLyrics is the most popular song lyrics platform globally. Presents a database for over 700 thousand titles. The clean and minimalist design of the website makes reading the texts relatively simple, also providing additional information on upcoming releases, the musical texts of the best hits, and the texts of the international stars. By taking advantage of the social sharing function, you can share the lyrics of the songs you like with whoever you want. It is also available for iOS mobile devices.

2. AZ lyrics

Az Lyrics
Az Lyrics

AZ lyrics is another very interesting site for downloading song lyrics. It includes a database that contains over 300 thousand titles by over 7 thousand artists. The platform boasts an interface that speeds up the search for texts by arranging them in alphabetical order according to the names of the singers or musical groups. Its search engine presents the song lyrics ordered by discography, albums, videos, images, and concerts.

3. Genius


Genius has the largest collection of popular song lyrics. In addition to downloading music lyrics, the website offers news about the world of music with information about albums and artists. Each page with song lyrics also provides a preview, an album from which it comes, and the artist who wrote it.

4. Musixmatch


Musixmatch is among the best lyrics download website. You can find them both in Italian and in a foreign language- by title, artist, or words. It also features a page of the most important song lyrics and a section for recently added lyrics with a list of genres. It also supports embedding and sharing of texts. In addition, Musixmatch can also be used as an app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

5. Lyrics

Lyrics boasts an extensive library of song lyrics presented on a clean and attractively designed website. On top of the lyrics, the platform also provides other information on the new releases, the most popular songs of the moment, and the most successful ones. The search bar allows you to search for your favorite lyrics by words, songs, melodies, and artists. The site not only provides song lyrics in text format but also in video format. There is also a section where you can share songs with your social friends.

6. LyricsMode

Lyricsmode has a simple layout with recent songs. It is an excellent website for those who want to find the lyrics of famous songs. It includes a large collection of song lyrics and a feature that allows you to publish lyrics using the flash widget. The website boasts over 70 thousand texts by 20 artists.

7. Letsingit

Letsingit is a music community where you can download song lyrics of all types of music. The platform includes additional information such as album tracklists, biographies, images, artist news, and much more. The presence of a search bar at the top of the homepage simplifies your search in order to obtain the words of the songs by simply typing the name. One of the features that distinguish this website is the fact that it provides an embedded YouTube video of the song alongside the lyrics.

8. LyricsPlanet

Lyricsplanet is a website founded in 2000 and offers a collection of thousands of music lyrics, including classics. Already on the homepage, it presents the best songs with useful information regarding albums, tracklists, and much more. The white and black background layout facilitates the reading of the sections and the huge database helps in searching for songs with unknown lyrics.

Best apps to download song lyrics

For those who have an Android smartphone or an iPhone with an iOS operating system, downloading lyrics with the right apps is very simple.

In addition to MusixMatch, which I have already mentioned to you, you can try Lyrically. It is an application to download the lyrics of the songs for free both for Android and iOS where you can search for the songs of the moment by artist or by title.

The Apple Music streaming service, available for iOS and Android, but also for Windows and macOS, also allows you to download music lyrics. If you have a computer you can take advantage of the iTunes program, while from iPhone and iPad from the Music app.

  • From iTunes, after starting playback of the song, simply press the list symbol, at the top right, and select the Text tab from the menu that appears. If available you can view the complete text of the song you are playing.
  • From the Music app, press on the mini-player, at the bottom of the screen and scroll down. In the event that the text of the song is available, all you have to do is press the Show link, next to the wording Text and you will see the text.