11 Websites to Get Free Mobile Phone Tutorials in 2022

Mobile phones are a complicated piece of technology. Some of us are still old school and cling to our analog days when you sent messages by post office. Remember the good old days? Yeah, me neither. Like everybody else, you sometimes need to perform certain operations on your device but have forgotten how to or don’t know how to. Instead of searching through the WWW, here are 11 valuable websites you could use to get credible information.

#1 XDA Developers

XDA Developers first came into the WWW in 2003. It was built by a group of skilled developers who noticed the need for a centralized forum. They created a platform, at first, for developers to share their projects with the world. It was mostly centered on Windows Mobile phones and featured content that taught people how to customize their Windows Mobile devices. Developers solved problems and shared detailed solutions on the forum.

As mobile devices became more popular, so did XDA Developers. In 2010, during the on-set of Android devices, XDA developers started tackling Android devices’ problems. They provided articles on how to solve specific solutions for different devices around the globe. The website is home to thousands of developers worldwide and supports virtually every mobile device, from Android to iPhone.

XDA has expanded tremendously since then. Today, XDA creates content for laptops and mobile phones, writes reviews, solves problems, provides tutorials, and lots more. If you ever have any problems with your mobile phone, XDA is the first place you want to check. XDA Developers arguably has the most websites for mobile phones and is most credible.

#2 YouTube


You’ve already watched a million YouTube videos. Yeah, I know, me too! Youtube is known as the King Kong of online entertainment. However, very few know how resourceful it can be when you need to get a solution to a problem on your mobile device.

Youtube, an American online video platform(also social), was founded in California on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. As you may know, it was sold to Google. Youtube is the second most visited website in the world after-of course-Google. It is a mine of resources with more than 2.5 million monthly users.

YouTube can be really great when you don’t readily understand written tutorials and prefer to have a visual display. There are many creators on the platform that would do just that. Plus, you could also get opinions from fellow commentators on the website. You would need to search for a while, though, as the website is very competitive and overloaded. On Youtube, you can get credible information on how to fix software issues, performance improvement tips, hardware fixes, etc. There is a never-ending supply of websites, you just need to look in the right place.

#3 Android Authority

android authority
android authority

Android Authority is another popular website where you will find numerous “how to” tutorials. It was founded in 2007 by a team of 46 contributors. Android Authority is a subsidiary of Authority Media and is dedicated to mobile phones and other digital services. Android Authority, like XDA Developers, covers a wide range of devices. You can find numerous tutorials with excellent pictorial illustrations. There are also linked videos you can watch on YouTube.

With Android Authority, you can get the latest gist on new devices, leaks, rumors, and more. Android Authority may not be as robust as XDA, but you’d find plenty of in-depth reviews, mobile phone software repair guides, advice on best buys, the latest apps and games, and much more. Android Authority focuses on how you can get the best out of your mobile phone. So if you want to keep up with new releases and updates in the tech world, this is the site for you.

Aside from mobile phones, you can get information on digital wristwatches, laptops, headphones, etc. the writers also create comparison content, where they compare the performance of one device with another.

#4 Toms Guide

toms guide

Tom’s Guide came about around 2007 and was launched by Bestofmedia, which was later sold to TechMediaNetwork in 2013, then to Future in 2018. Customers are often plagued with uncertainty when it comes to making purchases. Tom’s guide is dedicated to helping customers cut the learning curve of making their next purchase.

The company is famous for its outstanding product reviews, which would be very helpful for customers who are often challenged with decision-making. You can get tons of informative reviews of various products like Bluetooth speakers, laptops, smartwatches, TVs, and smartphones. They cover all facets of product review, such as more economical alternatives, best buys, pros, and cons, and even if the product is worth the price. Unlike other review websites, Tom’s guide provides a rating for each product, making it even easier for customers to make decisions.

The rating system is as follows;

5 stars = Practically perfect

4 stars = Totally worth it

3 stars = Worth considering

2.5 stars = Meh

2 stars = Not worth the money

1 star = Laughably bad

Tech is not the only content that Tom’s guide covers. You would also see home appliance reviews and so on.

#5 Techradar


Techradar is another useful website for mobile tutorials and product reviews. With an audience of around 70 million people worldwide, you’d be sure to find quality content on this website. Techradar is divided into two major categories, TRG and TechRadar Pro. They focus on video games, stories about video games, and technology advice like buying tips, reviews, etc.

TechRadar is a UK-based company and has arguably grown to become Tom’s Guide of the UK. TechRadar has expanded into the USA, Australia, and some South Asian countries.

You won’t be seeing many phone tutorials on this website, though; they are majorly focused on reviews and some tips to improve overall performance. But, if you’re looking for the latest tech in town, news about tech companies, in-depth reviews of your different mobile devices, or the latest software, TechRadar is your go-to guy.

#6 MakeUseOf


It would seem so many tech sites began in 2007 because MakeUseOf, MKO, was also founded in 2007. Since its publication, it has grown into one of the largest online tech publications on the WWW. With millions of visitors and a heavy social media presence, you’d find that MKO covers a wide spectrum of tech products. MKO is a website that is dedicated to providing its readers with “know-how to” content. As they said on their website,

Our aim is to equip readers like you with the know-how to make the most of today’s tech, explained in simple terms that anyone can understand. We also encourage readers to use tech in productive and meaningful ways.


On their website, you’d find so many insightful blogs with tutorials spanning phones, laptops, other gadgets, software, and even services where they show you how to improve your tech life. One aspect that makes MKO unique is its programming tutorials. They also offer tutorials on getting the latest and most useful applications for your mobile device.

#7 IFixit


Ifixit is literally a tech repair online shop. Unlike other websites on this list, iFixit provides detailed instructions for fixing your device, whether it’s a hardware or software problem.

iFixit was started by Kyle Wiens and Luke Soules. It is a forum-styled website with millions of contributors. Content on the website is created by contributors who create threads that provide step-by-step guides alongside pictorial descriptions of how to fix a specific problem.

The website covers a very wide range of technological products, including mobile phone repair tutorials. With iFixit, you no longer need to take your device to the phone repair shop. If you’ve got steady enough hands, you can fix it yourself.

Unlike on other websites, where the owners create all the content, on iFixit, you can create a thread seeking a solution to your problem in the “answer forum.” The site also features a market where newbie repairers can buy repair tools at the cheapest prices. This website is awesome because all these tutorials come for free. Yes! You can access the site in all its splendor for free. Do you have a broken laptop, phone, tablet, or game console? Guides are available on iFixit.

#8 MacRumors Forum


MacRumors is a forum with a website incorporated into it. MacRumors provides tutorials that are specific to the Apple and Mac brands. The website came to life in 2000 and was founded by Arnold Kim.

MacRumors does live by its name; it gathers information from anonymous sources, investigates the rumors, and either validate such rumors or makes credible predictions as to the credibility of rumors. If you’re looking for the latest Apple and Mac gossip in town, MacRumors is the “middleman” to go to.

Rumors and gossip aren’t the only content you’d find on the website, you can get Apple tutorials, Mac tutorials, and other Apple-related gadget information as well. That’s not all, are you considering making a purchase but can’t seem to make a final decision? MacRumors has got you covered.

The best part about MacRumors is the forum section. You get to interact with thousands of Apple fans and share your opinions or gossip about Apple products. If you also need help with your product, the community is more than willing to help.

#9 GSM-Forum

gsm forum

GSM forum is a very old website. At first glance, the site looks pretty old and almost dead. It was founded in the mid-90s. Compared to today’s websites, GSM-Forum is very dull and static. Nonetheless, the website is filled with countless mobile phone tutorials across all brands. Check out this one if you can’t find your problem on other websites. Your problem is most likely there.

GSM-Forum tackles both the hardware aspect and the software side of things. You get mobile phone tutorials you wouldn’t get anywhere else. For example, you can get IMEI services, carrier unlocking services, etc. You could refer to GSM-Forum as the underground of mobile phone repairs. You also get to find brands of mobile devices not featured on any other review websites here. Cool right?

Unlike other websites, the content is 100% created by the customers. You can find people selling second-hand products, repairing tools, comments, reviews of a particular product, etc. It’s a very useful website for tech-savvy people who want to learn how to repair stuff on their own. You should be careful, though, since there might be folks in there with malicious intent.

#10 GCF Global

gfc global

GCF Global is the odd one out in this group. GCF Global is a skill acquisition website that develops programs that have trained millions of people worldwide. You know you can rely on them when they’ve been around for the past 20 years.

GCF’s courses cover a wide range of topics, spanning from learning how to read and math classes to Microsoft office tutorials and how to use your mobile phone in the most productive way possible. What separates the GCF from others on the list is that they don’t teach you how to repair your phone or flash the latest software. Instead, you get information about how to use your phone most productively. You get information on how to perform simple tasks on your mobile device, set up your email, use your phone camera, and lots more.

#11 TechVaz


This is a leading technology media site created by Samuel Afolabi in 2015. It focuses on Hi-Tech News, Gadgets Reviews, Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Drones, TVs, Gaming Consoles, DIY Tutorials, and lots more.

TechVaz boosts a community that has more than half a million readers with one big passion, Technology and they are positioned with keen interest to disseminate useful information to our readers as clearly and dynamically as possible.


Not everyone looks at their phones and understands how to set a password or send an email. That’s why these websites would be really helpful for such folks. With the websites provided on each of the websites listed in this article, you should be able to perform some basic to complex tasks on your device. Who knows? You just might be the next phone repairer in town.