What are SSD disks

Old mechanical models have physical limits that always end up slowing down the entire machine.

A powerful processor will never work properly if a mechanical disk is installed in the computer because file access times are always constrained by the rotation speed of the plates and by the performance of the mechanical arm that runs on their surface and reads the files.

For this reason, a solid-state disk, also called SSD (Solid State Disc), can offer a staggering increase in performance even to an old machine we had decided to retire.

In SSD disks there are no moving mechanical parts and reading and writing times are very fast when compared to the old models.

This means that moving a file is immediate, as well as starting the operating system and opening any program.

The processor, which is the real engine of every computer, is not forced to wait to work and therefore everything is much faster and more immediate.

Today’s SSDs have very affordable prices compared to last year.

On Amazon, a 240 GB model costs just $24, while the 1 TB version costs about $90.

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