What Is Digital Wellbeing And How To Try On Devices With Android Pie?

    Google Digital wellbeing
    Google Digital wellbeing

    Android Pie is the name of the new Android version, Android P. Android Pie is with version number Android 9. As always, the Pixel lineup is the earliest to receive this update. More surprisingly, Essential Phone also received this update.

    What’s interesting in this Android Pie is the integration of Digital Wellbeing. An artificial intelligence system and machine learning to ensure the user’s digital health.

    Digital Wellbeing can only be used on Android Pie. Currently, it’s only available for Pixel devices and it is in the form of a beta test that needs to be listed. So what is Digital Wellbeing?

    Digital Wellbeing is a data-packed Dashboard application that helps users better understand their phone usage. There is an “App Timer” to set a device usage time limit, a completely new “Do Not Disturb” mode that can prevent interruptions as well as prevent feelings of worry. It is also “Down Wind” to encourage users not to use the device before bedtime.

    For Pixel-Pixel devices, this application should be installed once it receives the beta test participation confirmation email. Meanwhile, on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is coming – most likely it will continue to build.

    So, Android Pie is an Android that is not only smart and efficient – but also consumers’ health concerns. Google wants to provide stability to both digital and real-world users.

    If you are a Pixel user and have already run Android Pie, click the link below to try Digital Wellbeing.

    Sign up: Google Digital Wellbeing here and enjoy a healthy digital life


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