What is id.mpl.live apk, is it safe to use?


Lately, the MPL application has been sought after by some netizens on Google searches. Mostly, this application is rare and not even easy to find on the Google Play Store or App Store. To install this application yourself, it would be nice if you know in advance about this application in more detail.

The MPL application is an application that can be regarded as a money-making application that has a system that is quite different from the money-making applications that have recently emerged. In this MPL application, users can earn money by just playing games. There are several games that you already know.

Here you can play various games in this application and can compete directly with other people. If you win the match, you will get MPL virtual currency in the form of diamonds. You can exchange these diamonds for e-wallet balances such as Gojek and LinkAja. In addition, not only playing games but you can also earn money by inviting friends.

MPL app id.mpl.live apk

This MPL application is an application that provides online games that can be played and contested. This MPL application has been operating in Indonesia since April 2019 and has been played by up to 150,000 active users every day and is commonly referred to as pro players. The platform of this game has tens of millions of players from India and Indonesia.

This application also provides dozens of games that are considered fun, challenging and addictive to players. To be able to play, previously users had to pay with tokens and diamonds. The tokens and diamonds must be top up through a digital wallet. If you have won an online match in the Mobile Premier League (MPL) application, you will get more tokens and diamond prizes.

 Diamonds that have been collected from your results playing MPL application games, these diamonds can be exchanged for rupiah money through digital wallets such as GoPay and LinkAnja. In addition, id.mpl.live apk or Mobile Premier League is the largest eSports application in Southeast Asia that can reach all people to play games based on the agility, agility, and creativity of the players. 

This MPL application also provides several features such as Audio Show, MPL Fantasy, MPL Mall, MPL Card and other features. Currently new games are always added to provide variety in MPL applications and of course these games can be played by all groups.

How to Download MPL Application id.mpl.live apk

Step 1: For Android users, you can directly download this MPL application via the id.mpl/live link in the browser. Previously, don’t forget to enable unknown sources in your cellphone settings. You don’t have to worry about downloading this application because it is guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Step 2: After the application is downloaded, log in with your cellphone number. Make sure that the cellphone number used is the same as the cellphone number registered in the GoPay or LinkAja account so that it will be easier to withdraw the winning balance later. You will receive an OTP code which is used to login to the application.

Step 3: Here you will find online games with attractive prizes in the MPL application with a wide selection of games that you can play. If you are a football lover such as football, basketball, baseball, you can play at MPL Fantasy.

You can start playing the game by using tokens or diamonds from MPL. These tokens can be obtained from playing games or completing several tasks such as adding profile photos, changing usernames, chatting with opposing players and many others.

Step 4: You can exchange diamonds to your GoPay or LinkAja balance, where for 1 diamond the value is equal to 200 rupiah. If you play often and chase the highest rank, the greater your chance to earn extra money from playing online games with prizes in the MPL application.

Step 5: Here you can directly exchange your winning diamonds from your Gopay or LinkAja balance. But don’t forget, that MPL requires a fee of 10% of the withdrawal amount.

How to Register id.mpl.live Apk

When registering for this application, you can use your cellphone number or Gojek account. Well, here are several ways to register the id.mpl.live apk application that you should know.

  • First, make sure you have the MPL application installed.
  • After that, open the MPL application and you can register using your cellphone number or Gojek account.
  • If you want to register using a cellphone number, a verification code will be entered into your cellphone number.
  • Then enter the verification code.
  • Then, you will be immediately shown to the main page of the application.
  • After that, follow the instructions on how to play the game until you understand.
  • Finally, the MPL application registration has been successful and completed.

How to Play MPL for Free Money

How to play MPL is increasingly sought after by people because it is often considered one of the fastest and most trusted money-making game applications. This is because only with a cellphone and the internet, you can make rupiah coffers only through the games you play. Later, when you win the game, you will get a prize in the form of diamonds that can be exchanged for money.

Is MPL Application Safe to Use?

It has been proven that MPL is able to make money for its users, but is this MPL application really safe to use? For some of the experiences of people who have tried this one money-making application, MPL is arguably safe. There are no suspicious access permission requests, only a phone number request for the user at the beginning of registration which is really needed to be able to withdraw the balance.

In addition, the collaboration between MPL and e-commerce applications such as Gopay and LinkAja, as well as the number of telecommunication providers will make the use of this application convincing. Even so, you have to be careful when playing this game. MPL contains a variety of exciting games such as Fruit Dart, Fruit Chop, Pool, Chess, Bloxmash, Archery, Fruit Slice, Bubble Shooter and various other games.

Through this game, you can collect diamonds by becoming the top player or the highest ranked player. In addition, you can also get additional bonuses if you manage to invite friends to login and play MPL.

That’s the explanation I can give about id.mpl.live apk. Although it has been proven that the balance withdrawal process is quite fast, you must always be vigilant. Especially for those of you who are already addicted to top up diamonds in this MPL application, try not to get the intention that you want to make a profit, you might end up dead Thus the article, hopefully the information in this article can be useful for those in need.


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